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Introductory Program

How To Start Your Sahaja Practice

An Introductory Program in Sahaja is the most important step in order to begin practicing Sahaja meditation, whether online or in an In-Person Session. During this session, every practitioner receives his or her Self-Realization,a process that awakens the inner energy. During the session, the steps used to achieve Self-Realization are guided by the instructor leading the session.

It is to be noted, that for nearly all of us, it is impossible to initiate ourselves into achieving Self-Realization without no guiding person who serves as the trigger for the awakening of the energy. The reason is that the dormant Kundalini energy responds to an external trigger, typically someone who already has his or her energy already awakened and has a connection to the all-pervading power.

However, after you achieve Self-Realization, every subsequent time you meditate, you should be able to raise your energy and practice meditation all by yourself. Although, as time progresses, you’ll need the strength of collective meditation to sustain your connection with the all-pervading power.

Typically our Introductory sessions give an overview of Sahaja meditation, its benefits and how the Self-Realization process works. Then an instructor guides you through the Self-Realization process followed by a meditation session.
At the end, you’re taught how to practice the meditation at home.