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Thoughtless Awareness

Enabling Thoughtless Awareness through Self-Realization

The Higher State of Consciousness

In order for us to achieve a higher state of spirituality and evolution, our attention must reach a higher state of consciousness, where the burden placed on it by the constant bombardment of thoughts generated by the ego and superego is relieved. The goal is for your attention to rise higher and higher until you become merely a detached witness to those thoughts, as if “watching them from above.” In this state, since your attention is detached from thought and thought is detached from emotion, unnecessary emotional reactions to thoughts are minimized or eliminated. Your attention is focused inward on the flow of experience rather than on the contents of experience, allowing you to segregate awareness itself from the contents of awareness. Your attention is stable and focused, as opposed to constantly skipping back and forth across time and place. You can remain focused on the present moment. You’re able to see the reality of a situation with clarity, understand where your thoughts come from, and assess your emotional reactions to them. In effect, you’re able to clearly see the root causes of all your problems and begin taking steps to solve them.

The Role of Self-Realization

How does Self-Realization enable our attention to rise to this higher state? Our attention pervades each chakra of the subtle energy system. During the initial process of Self-Realization and subsequently, each time that we meditate, the Kundalini energy rises through the central energy channel and pierces the center of each chakra. At this point, the inner energy stretches the canvas of our attention and pulls it to a higher realm, a higher state of consciousness. It’s similar to how a tent’s canvas is stretched upward by a tent pole. In this higher state of consciousness, our attention is separated from all mental activity (such as thoughts feelings and memories), as well as removed from our tendency to get distracted by the past or the future, thanks to the ego and superego. The result is the momentary stopping of the conscious mind, or the state of consciousness known as thoughtless awareness.

With the regular practice of Sahaja meditation, the number of strands of the Kundalini energy increases, rising (like a thicker, stronger tent pole), piercing the energy centers and stretching the canvas even higher and for longer periods of time, rather than just momentary thoughtless awareness. This is how thoughtless awareness is achieved as a regular, consistent state on a higher plane of consciousness during Sahaja meditation sessions.

What is the exact moment in time that thoughtless awareness manifests? When the Kundalini energy rises above the Agnya chakra into the limbic area of the brain and crosses over into the Sahasrara chakra. Since the Kundalini energy rises in a fraction of a second, this may be imperceptible to us.