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Why Sahaja is Free

Sahaja consultations, classes, and programs are free. Always have been and always will be.

Why you shouldn’t pay for meditation.

With just a little bit of initial guidance, we are all innately able to fall into a higher state of awareness, which in Sahaja we call thoughtless awareness. Just like we can all naturally fall asleep, once you have the techniques, the ability to meditate is yours forever. Since your inner energy is your birthright, we feel it is unnecessary to pay for meditation lessons that only help you access your own consciousness.

Why we do what we do.

As many other compassionate global movements, the Sahaja technique was created in the spirit of good will for humankind, with a desire to empower others to improve themselves through a higher, purer state of consciousness. Many Sahaja practitioners enjoy the benefits of Sahaja meditation and want to give back by helping better the lives of others though meditative practice. As with other types of community service, this creates a self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating cycle that continues to build communities of like-minded individuals.

What is freely available to you.

Sahaja Online offers a diverse range of perspectives from science to spirituality, each directed at exploring various outcomes for Sahaja practitioners. In a way, Sahaja can be thought of as a kind of do-it-yourself, meditative practice, with the foundation of the best form of Kundalini energy based meditation available today. Thus, you are free to learn, experiment, and customize the practice in order to achieve your own goals and desired outcomes.

Why Sahaja isn’t exclusive and will always be free.

Sahaja is not some proprietary technique of meditation that centers around either the Sahaja organization or any individual instructor. Sahaja is nota secret collection of intellectual property revealed only by a few, to a few. The Sahaja knowledge we have today was handed down through the centuries in manuscripts about yoga and meditation, as well as by many well-known teachers, prophets, and saints. The actual Sahaja meditative practice itself helps you actualize the available body of knowledge on yoga, meditation, spirituality, and the inner energy within us.

Sahaja is not an exclusive practice in any way. Anyone, of any age, race, gender, culture, or religious creed can practice Sahaja. Children practice it. Families practice it. In fact, several studies demonstrate the positive impact of a Sahaja lifestyle on the family dynamic. No need to look for bundled savings or worry about finding the best “family plan” as Sahaja won’t cost you a penny.

Who does Sahaja belong to.

Sahaja belongs to everyone who chooses to practice it. Thus,Sahaja cannot be bought or paid for. In Sahaja, charging a fee for helping someone achieve the state of meditation would be like charging a fee for the ability of a plant to grow and produce flowers. And because Sahaja meditation is always free, it has become an approachable, safe, and powerful alternative to commercial forms of meditation.

You (Sometimes) Get What You (Cannot) Pay For

Today, there are countless commercial forms of meditation available, recently launching to capitalize on the meditation trend in the United States. With close to 5 decades of history, Sahaja meditation is time-tested with a growing population of global practitioners, evolving and adapting along the way.

Why Sahaja is relevant and useful today.

Sahaja Online is part of a growing effort to demonstrate the relevance and usefulness of Sahaja for today’s busy lifestyles. The efforts of Sahaja Online are grounded in the truth that ancient spiritual techniques and our innate energy are timeless. Appropriate interpretations and contemporary understanding are all that is needed to make the Sahaja technique available to everyone.

A Sahaja practice gives anyone of any generation the core essence of what’s already been confirmed and proven over the ages in a useful manner that’s easier to actualize. Sahaja is not a fad or trend or a “new age” meditation practice built on satisfying the temporary needs of a specific generation. Sahaja meditation is a practice deeply entrenched in ancient traditions.

Why Sahaja won’t make lofty promises.

Sahaja does not promise instant gratification. No instructor can magically transform you. You have to do the work yourself as after all, it’s your inner energy. For most people, regular practice and staying power are necessary to establish Sahaja as a lifestyle and maximize its benefits. But since there is no money or commercial intent involved, no one feels pressured to achieve a specific result within a specific time frame — neither you nor meeting coordinators are time-bound.

For example, when it comes to true physical change, anyone who has improved their fitness and maintained it over time won’t attribute their success to a crash diet or pill, but rather to dedication and hard work over a long period, armed with the right knowledge, tools, and guidance.Similarly, Sahaja is a learning process that leads to a sustainable, long term practice. Many Sahaja practitioners have practiced Sahaja every day for 30 years or more.

Why Sahaja is driven by you.

Sahaja meditation requires your motivation, perseverance, and willingness to continue practicing. While Sahaja practitioners share their knowledge and techniques, it is your work. When all around us are quick fixes, it can be difficult for new practitioners to work Sahaja into their lives. Certainly, quick and easy solutions sell better, but lasting solutions can help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Each of us deserves an opportunity to become a self-made master of meditation through our own focus and efforts, not by loosening our purse strings. Sahaja is a test of character not what money can buy.

How Sahaja is funded.

The Sahaja Organization is funded by private donations from various practitioners and instructors who have the means to offer financial support. Rotating part-time volunteers donate their time to manage administrative functions and help coordinate events and programs. Some practitioners donate small and large sums of money, while others donate nothing. No one is ever pressured or even encouraged to donate money, be they novice or long-time practitioners, and donating money does not alter the practice itself or the quality of the benefits one receives. Sahaja Online does not expect or accept donations.