About 10 days ago, most of our Sahaja Online meditation instructors were together at a very unique place. This is one of the very few places in this world where it feels timeless, priceless and exhilarating all the time. Usually, the mind-body-soul struggles work only one way. The busy mind loses touch with the soul and spirituality. The wants of the body then drag the mind and soul further away from subtlety.


But this was one place where things work in reverse. First, the material needs become irrelevant, and after that, the disturbing thoughts and emotions go quiet to give rise to endless joy and positive energy. The attention moves from the mundane to a very subtle and higher state of existence.


And quite effortlessly at that – that’s what is almost magical about the place.


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Photos courtesy: Anjan Upadhya


It’s rare to see or be in places where the Spirit effortlessly overpowers the body and mind. As practitioners of meditation, we get a handful of such opportunities each year to be in these places.


When the weekend seminar begins, typically we enter with the baggage of worry and thoughts from our routine lives. We’re attached to our cell phones, how the Monday morning is going to look like, what bills we have to pay or if your bosses at work are going to yell at us on Monday morning.


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But soon, the magical flow of vibrations starts seeping into our being, and our innermost instrument of spirituality gets flooded by this beautiful unseen force around us.


But, make no mistake, this is no luxurious outing. The ambiance is that of a typically rustic, campsite. You put up your own tents or stay in fairly basic accommodation. There are no beds to sleep in. Or real toilets or bathrooms. There are no comfy chairs or couches to relax in.


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You hardly worry about whether you’re hungry – meal times are more invaluable opportunities to enjoy the company of meditators from across the world. The queues for the food seem no bother at all once you start a conversation with someone. You actually wish the lines were longer so you could engage more with them.


Was there ever a time and place you wished that the long waiting lines would be longer?


Then there’s uncanny humor in the air that comes from being worry-free and joyous. Things seem funnier than they usually are and produce smiles and laughs very often. Sometimes the makeshift solutions to making ourselves comfortable (like using a rock by the pond as a stool) are hilarious.


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Other than the fact that these locations are spiritually charged, the collectivity of meditators is why these places are special. There are meditators from across the globe from more than two dozen countries. Yet, amidst the diversity in cultural backgrounds, everyone is surprisingly on the same page and wavelength from a spiritual perspective. In fact, there are times when 2 people are trying to have a conversation with each other, neither understanding even a word of the other person’s language. The people around are adding those moments to the humorous incidents over the weekend that are wildly popular as stories or jokes with friends and colleagues on Monday morning.


Such is the bustle and the variety of meditation programs and interaction with each other that most of us are short of sleep, but never tired. We never feel busy.


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It appears that our bodily functions are brought into complete balance – food, sleep, activity everything is so well balanced and perfect that it is clear the body has been fully conquered and controlled. It just doesn’t seem to want or ask for anything.


Then, as you’re reaching the final hours of the weekend, the unmistakable emotion is that you don’t want to leave the place. But you’re forced to go back to the world where the Spirit is most likely to give in to the calling of the body and mind all over again.


That’s when each person makes a resolve to somehow be there again next time at the earliest opportunity.


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How does One Get to Such Spiritually Uplifting Places and Events?


It’s a journey every meditator needs to find and make. You can’t just show up at such places even though we’d have no objections to anyone being there. Without preparing yourself through regular meditation and introspection of your spiritual state, one would apparently be lost in such places.


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The attention that is not ready to receive or perceive the subtlety will likely be burdened with the reflections and reverbrations of the noise created by the mind and the body. They would resist and fight against your Spirit lifting you up if you are not ready for it. Even at a place where it is easy for your Spirit to dominate them.


The majority of people who attend and enjoy such weekend events meditate for several months and typically, several years. They understand the spiritual basis behind meditation and the purpose and real benefits of such programs. They’re ready to brave it and get through the tests their psyche needs to go through by letting go of the faculties and urges controlled by their bodies, minds, and emotions.


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Yes, we just surrender to force and allow the place and the time to do their magic. It’s like deep-sea diving after you’ve learned how to do it. You just want to get back in there into the depths of the sea. Those who have never been there or do not know how to get there can never fathom what a beautiful place and experience it can be. But you have to work your way towards learning how to get to such places, at your own pace.


The great thing is that such places and opportunities still exist in this world for those wanting to get there. And no, you can’t pay your way to the spiritual maturity that is needed for this.


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We continually urge people to meditate regularly or learn to meditate and find the depths of their spirituality. So, if you’ve been wondering and what the fuss is all about, it is about pushing people to this heavenly realm that they will most certainly enjoy more than anything in their lives.


Question is, are you up to it?


Our online meditations are an excellent place to start.