Can The Existence of God and The Divine Power be Proven Beyond Just faith?


It can be scientifically proven only indirectly, by measuring the outcomes in human beings through clinical studies and trials. For example, MRI scans of the brain can display patterns in Sahaja meditators that are unique and relating to enlargement of certain vital areas of the brain (increased gray matter). Through repeated analysis and demonstration of cause and effect of spiritual meditation and combining it with anecdotal experience of practitioners, it is possible to indirectly prove that the divine power felt by practitioners is real and has unique effects. Yet, the direct scientific proof and measurement of this power is not possible and may never be, because the purpose of the divine power has always been for human beings to achieve higher purpose and pursuits, not to show off its existence for any kind of gain.


We also believe that the divine power also camouflages its presence and detection successfully – it presents itself and gives the experience only to people who are really seeking it intensely and are ready to use it to improve their lives. It doesn’t freely show or offer itself to every person. It’s connected to the free will and choice of human beings. That’s how God designed its access.


If you’re reading this article, then there’s a very high probability that you’re one of those seekers who has been actively seeking. Therefore, you have a greater chance of experiencing the presence of the divine power inside yourself. Which is why we keep saying – go for your first Sahaja session as soon as you can, your inner self is seeking and waiting to discover that new dimension and awareness within you. It may not be dramatic when you first receive your Self-Realization but it is very real and tangible.


Where Do Religions and Faiths Come in?


All religions and forms of faith, belief or worship in God are designed to help you realize the same universal divine power. At least in theory. Today, some of them achieve the end goal, while others don’t because they’ve lost their way. There shouldn’t be a conflict between any of them nor between meditation or yoga or spirituality or religions because all these are different paths leading to the same Universal Unconscious power – the discovery and experience of it. The journey of these paths may be different, suited and tailored to different human beings as well as cultures, but their essence is the same.


The practice of meditation, Self-Realization, and self-improvement is your own personal, innate religion that takes you to God. It is highly customizable and controllable by you with some level of external guidance by an expert teacher or system of meditation.


We have dealt with the differences between Religion and spirituality on our website, you can read this here.


Where does Worship Come in?


Worship is an integral part of all paths leading to the divine – we already know that it is part of conventional religions, but it is also part of advanced stages of the practice of meditation as well. Mantras are in fact one type of worship which involve taking the name or invoking the power or a form of the divine power. Nearly all forms of meditation today use mantras. Worship can be of different forms and types, but it has the common thread of having reverence, humility, and surrender to the power that is being invoked or worshipped, no matter what the activity, process or ritual is.


In that sense, meditation itself can be worship – but your own private, innate form of worship, whose sole goal is to heal you and make you a better person in every way. One form of worship isn’t superior to another, in fact, it’s hard to compare and probably not required either. What matters is what human beings gain through worship, the outcomes they achieve for themselves and sometimes, in the case of Self-Transcenders, for humanity at large.


Mere outward worship or rituals won’t help achieve these outcomes.


What is Enlightenment?


We have dealt with enlightenment in-depth on our website. You can read about it here. In short, Self-Realization and actualization of one’s inner self or spirit is the entry point for enlightenment. The journey of spiritual improvement and achieving the outcomes of self-improvement constitutes the end point.


What Happens to Us after Death? Do We have an Afterlife?


At Sahaja, we like to reframe the question and divert people’s attention to a higher concept. The fact is that when we become or actualize our causal or spiritual being, such as through Sahaja’s Self-Realization process, none of these questions matter. We’ve already become the subtle, eternally indestructible and powerful being that can pretty much do anything – enjoy eternity and be in the heavens at all times.


In fact, the more we meditate and connect ourselves to the Universal Unconscious, the deeper we experience “heaven on earth.” After that, why should it matter to us whether we’re going to be reborn or how our life after death will be? Concepts like reincarnation become irrelevant and unnecessary.


There’s another reason for this. Spiritual evolution and the best results at being the subtler being can only happen when our attention is squarely fixed on the Central Energy Channel, the channel of spiritual evolution. When we try to venture into the future or the past, we directly impact our spiritual improvement. Pondering about concepts like what is going to happen to us after death or analysis of past lives has the grave danger of putting us off the path of spiritual evolution. It amounts to wasting our precious attention on things from the past and future which are not reality at the expense of focusing on the experience of the present. Instead, if we were to focus squarely on the experience of each day, that is accessible to us right now and today, we make more progress.


Much as we hate it, we want to burst the bubble that human beings can plan their own spiritual end state. For sure, they cannot do this cognitively at least. All these cognitive analyses, research and discussions about life after death and related topics aren’t essential and do not help us transcend the cognitive plane and actually enter the spiritual plane. These may create interesting topics for discussion and trigger our curiosity, but they don’t help us at all and are best left alone.


Why Do We have to Endure Suffering, Such as Battling A Terrible illness or Losing A Loved One?


Suffering, in general, is part of the human evolution and generally meant for human beings to learn from. However sometimes undue suffering may seem unfair or unrealistic – such as battling a terrible illness or losing a loved one prematurely.


In general, excesses by human beings, individually or collectively and upsetting nature’s balance are at the root of unusual suffering. This was not meant to be or natural, however, the consequence of such excesses had to be born. Ultimately, it can be concluded that undue suffering is an outcome of human actions whereas suffering due to natural deaths or sometimes events that serve to give us a wakeup call and redirect us to the right path in life are natural.


There is a remedy to reduce the effects of undue suffering. The remedy is to try and stay connected to the divine power as much as we can. This is achieved through Self-Realization and nurturing the connection through regular meditation such as in Sahaja meditation, which relies solely on this for holistic healing. As we establish a consistent and strong connection to the divine in our day to day lives, the anecdotal experience of practitioners shows that undue suffering and problems disappear – it’s almost like we’re a part of the divine or have become an insider now. This comes with its benefits of fewer problems or at least solutions to problems are easily found.


One must also be aware that a life free of suffering is also an automatic outcome of the individual focusing on a higher purpose in life. For instance, after achieving the connection to the divine power, if we’re constantly worried about our own lives and troubles without developing an appreciation for the higher cause of humanity, then the insurance or protection against problems isn’t as much. When we start devoting our attention and energies towards the broader cause and helping our community and the world rise higher, our individual problems seem to disappear. While the divine power and its connection protect us regardless of this, we acquire a special level of protection and care when we’re working for the cause of the divine – which is to get human beings to realize their inner self and move to higher spiritual states. Such individuals have VIP access, you could say, in the realm of divine power.


A connection to the divine power can also rectify and heal undue suffering from the past, but it must be a real connection and spiritual pursuit, not mere grieving or lamenting about one’s situation. And it comes from deep and strong seeking by the individual wanting to change his / her life to evolve into a completely new being. That’s about the time when opportunities for Self-Realization present themselves. When the student is ready, the teacher comes along.


Do you have a related question on the purpose of our lives? Please let us know and we will be happy to answer it