The purpose of a human being’s life has been questioned since time immemorial. At Sahaja, we’re happy to tell you that we’re crystal clear about the answers to all questions relating to the purpose of our lives. These are answers discovered by practitioners through their own experience and learned from Sahaja philosophy.


Without further ado, here they are.

Why are We Born? What is the Purpose of our Life?

We’re born on this earth because we can continuously evolve as subtler beings with the end goal being to become a mirror image of God – the perfect being. Evolution for human beings cannot happen unless we take birth and try to rise in our human awareness or consciousness.


The sole purpose of our life is to become better people and go to higher states of spirituality.


At the deepest levels, human beings are causal beings that are comprised of their subtle energy systems. Yes, this is the same subtle energy system that you discover, experience and activate in your first Sahaja session. This subtle energy system is comprised of the Inner Self (referred to as your Spirit or Soul), the Kundalini energy, the energy centers (chakras) and the subtle energy channels (nadis). At the root or core of our existence, we’re not this physical body, mind or intellect; we’re the subtle being.


The journey of Sahaja meditation is entirely focused around making ourselves better spiritual beings. We can actual feel the improvement within ourselves in specific parts of our subtle energy system. We can feel the improvement of each of our chakras and most importantly of all, we feel the improvement in our character traits as we progress in life. All of this makes the self-improvement journey very tangible and real, and quite challenging. After all, this is the highest pursuit we can ever be involved in.


When done right, it’s possible to experience perfection in our character. When a human being becomes near perfect on all character traits and exudes this power and goodness, he or she can be considered godly. That, precisely, is the end goal or state to aspire to.


Is There A God?


Of course. And this is not just faith, but reality, which you can experience once you undergo your Self-Realization. Self-realization is a process of activation of your inner, subtler being, which we refer to as the subtle energy system in Sahaja. Activation means that we discover and experience this being on our central nervous system – our physical, mental and emotional self is now integrated with our spiritual self.


We have access to the Collective Unconscious now and therefore can feel the divine power and the Higher power. This experience is in the form of a cool breeze on our fingers, palm and toes and the top of our head (the crown chakra).


Different forms of God are also real, they can be considered as his different powers and essences. These are also built in our subtle energy system and can be experienced in tangible and real terms.


How can We Know that What We Experience during Self-Realization and Meditation is God?


If the sensation is directly linked to our chakras and channels in our subtle energy system and over time, the energy that we feel helps us heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality, then it is very clear that the power or energy we experience is a living power capable of doing great things to us. When it achieves results beyond what ordinary human beings can otherwise achieve, we realize how powerful this energy is and that it is some superior or higher power inside us that’s been activated. When it brings in a bundle of positivity within us and in our lives, we know that this is something good and not some magic or hallucination. The ultimate confirmation that this is the divine power we’re experiencing comes when we’re able to pass the power onto others and start their journey of positivity, self-improvement and healing – this tells us that this power and realization of it can be passed on freely, infinitely and works on everyone, making the world greater than before.


To be continued in Part 2…watch this space. Questions we’ll cover –

Can the existence of God and the divine power be proven beyond just faith?
Where do religions and faiths come in?
Where does worship come in?
What is enlightenment?