Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.


– Abraham Lincoln


Something quite similar goes on when we use Sahaja meditation as a tool for improving our productivity. We all have busy lives and most of the time, we’re juggling different tasks and dealing with a bunch of different challenges, all at the same time. If only we had more time. And energy. If only there were more hours in a day.


But the secret lies not in managing time. Or the number of hours in a day. Or trying to make the challenges go away. It lies in managing and fixing ourselves so we develop sharp clarity and focus on our attention and improve the pace at which we get things done and problems solved. Our productivity, in other words.


And like Lincoln said, rather than begin with starting our work immediately and sifting through the mess, at least 40 minutes in our day can be spent on sharpening our attention through meditation, 20 minutes in the morning and then again in the evening or night. That’s like sharpening the axe or tuning our focus and attention to get through our work quickly and effectively. So how does meditation and especially Sahaja meditation sharpen the power of our attention?


Separating Our Attention from Our Thoughts


Sahaja meditation elevates our consciousness to a higher plane where thoughts cannot exist. This helps us watch our thoughts and consequently all that we have to work on with surprising clarity. It’s like rising above our problems, thoughts, and obstacles and watching them clearly from above instead of being entangled with them, unable to figure out what the solution could be.


Finding Solutions and Answers Through Our Meditation


Many a Sahaja meditator has been able to find revolutionary ideas and breakthrough solutions to problems during their meditation sitting. That’s because we’re connected to the all-pervading power which is super intelligent and literally runs everything in our universe. When we tap into this power and become one with it in our meditation, we tap into the creative storehouse of the universe.


Detachment and Efficient Attention Switching


Ever wondered why some people are stuck, unable to move on? Meditation helps us by avoiding getting attached or fixated on anything. We train and build ourselves to let go and move on when necessary. In other words, we’re unlikely to be stuck. We can rapidly detach and switch between different conversations, trails of thoughts, problems and situations. We ease into what needs to get done quickly, do it efficiently and move to the next task. Even if we fail, we take the lessons learned and move on. We’re not the ones to brood over our failures.


 Paying Powerful, Enlightened Attention to The Task at Hand


Enlightened attention is one that has been raised and made to experience the higher state of awareness, one with access and unison with the Collective Unconscious. This is a realm of infinite intelligence, absolute inner silence and spiritual integration. In every session that we meditate, we rise to this state and try and stay there as long as we can. This does wonder to the power of our attention we use for the rest of our day.


When this powerful attention is directed towards a task or problem or situation, our productivity and creativity can reach new levels we’ve never experienced before.


Stress-Free Working


Think about how it would feel if you went about doing your work or daily routine with all stress removed and feeling happy and lucky from within? A lot of time is wasted by us when we feel the pressure and stress of having to complete the work. Occupational Stress is a field of study and topic by itself what we’ve dealt with before. What if you started liking the work you are given? It’s possible when meditation helps you eliminate the stress in your life. You feel like you’re smoothly navigating through your work.


The Limitations of Time Management, Task Management and Problem Management Strategies


While these work well for most people, these do not focus on the individual’s ability to have more clarity or be more productive. Instead, they teach us techniques to manage what we have on hand – our time, work, tasks and problems and rearrange or re-prioritize them. They do not focus on creating or having fewer problems in the first place by doing things right and more efficiently or avoiding creating them altogether. And that’s what happens when we use meditation as a tool. We focus on fewer problems, clearer approaches and higher productivity.


Supercharging Our Attention


If you want more sharper attention and focus, there are some trade secrets that regular meditators may be willing to share with you. While productivity aided by regular meditation is enhanced and more effective, productivity enhanced by meditation done at special times during the day is even better.


The time at dawn is considered, almost literally, to be divine. And it is. It is the time of the day when the all-pervading energy of the universe is at its maximum intensity around us. When we meditate at this time (depending on when daybreak or dawn occurs in your area – you can make this out by the chirping sounds of the birds in the morning), we supercharge our attention.


And guess what, productivity, clarity and focus are exponentially better when our attention is supercharged this way. It’s not without reason that our ancestors recommended early rising.


Of course, waking up at day break and making time for meditation would be the investment needed from many of us. No one ever said that every benefit in life comes free or without some sacrifice.


So we highly recommend the day break or dawn meditation. In fact, we urge you to do this consistently and observe how your life changes.


So, are you going to start meditation regularly to transform your productivity and life? When you decide you will, we’re here for you. Join our online sessions or write to us with any special requests.