Earlier today, I was conducting a meditation session for a group at Youngstown Ohio when I tried to simplify and summarize top benefits of meditation. It occurred to me that sometimes life needs to be very simple.


While we all are looking for something out of it, at Sahaja Online we undertook an endeavor to unearth every possible benefit, the scientific backing behind it and shared it all with you.


But can we provide a simplistic view of the top 3 benefits? A simple upshot of what is possible with meditation? Here it is.


#1 Relaxation, Feeling The Silence and Peace Inside


This is the quickest benefit to realize and perhaps the easiest to experience. However, there’s a significant difference in how Sahaja achieves this state. It elevates our consciousness to a higher plane using the power of the rising Kundalini energy – a plane where thoughts cannot exist and also a state when we allow ourselves access to the powerful, vital energy of the universe.


So we typically allow the energy to work things out rather than undue focus on techniques to deal with or eliminate our thoughts.


Here’s more on how Meditation alters consciousness.


#2 Health Benefits


This is a medium-term benefit, realized over several weeks and months. The way it works in Sahaja is through a holistic healing method. The vital energy that we get access to, nourishes our individual energy centers and channels, heals imbalances and regulates our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. These in turn drive our physical, mental and emotional functioning. Over time this helps in the overall improvement of our health.


You can read about the vast set of health benefits on our site.


#3 Self-improvement Benefits


This is the long-term benefit and at the top of the pyramid of benefits – in other words, the most difficult to get to, compared to the other two categories of benefits. Once again, Sahaja works very differently from other methods and paradigms of self-improvement. This is not about training your mind or being mindful of many things and achieving self-improvement as a consequence. It is about unleashing the source of our abilities and qualities at the very core of our existence. We were born with these as human beings, we only need to allow them to manifest. Like opening a tap to the reservoir of qualities and abilities within us.


What exactly are these? Patience, innocence, generosity, creativity, ability to build relationships, compassion and so on. All of these and many more are ingrained within us. We have the potential to fully manifest these in our lives. The reason we exhibit these inconsistently or not at all is that we are not integrated as a whole – between the power of our attention, our physical body and our inner self. Mind, body, spirit integration in other words, that people make a big fuss about these days. But Sahaja gives us a real shot at achieving this integration and experiencing the associated benefits.


Such an integration and translation of this potential within us to a free-flowing expression of our abilities and qualities is possible when the 7th subtle energy center is opened and through which we achieve a connection to the vital energy of the universe.


Then, through regular meditation, all the pieces of the puzzle come together and we begin to act as an integrated personality – in connection with our core or deepest inner self, in control of our attention and our physical body fully harmonized with our Spirit and attention. And in this integrated state, we experience absolute truth and joy each time we meditate. In fact, the integration or the meeting of truth, attention and joy at the same instant of time is a very significant concept in ancient spiritual texts and scriptures – a state that many tried to achieve. It was viewed as the pinnacle of spiritual achievement and known as Satchitanand in Sanskrit language where Sat means truth, chit means attention and anand  means joy.


All of the three layers or categories of benefits have one thing in common – they need to be worked out through meditation and are directly proportional to the extent of time and quality of meditation. There’s no shortcut to the success of conquering our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. But there definitely is a very clear path.


And we offer that path and journey to you – through opportunities to learn and experience the higher state in our online meditation sessions. Why online? Even less effort required for getting to the benefits. You don’t have to worry about getting ready, driving somewhere and spending half a day or a few hours. Just prepare yourself and join our sessions from where you are.