As millions of people are waking up to a new reality triggered by the coronavirus, now is the time to get real about everything. We need real and powerful solutions. We need a sense of control and immense power placed in our hands to fight this war. And fight it at every level – individual, family, neighborhood, community, country and the world. Especially, when there appear to be no medical solutions immediately available. Scientists, medical experts, economists are all merely guessing and speculating. No one has a concrete answer or solution to how things will pan out.

Enter the most powerful form of spiritual meditation that works on an ancient energy dating back to at least 14,000 years ago.

While the form of meditation we offer is 50 years old (it was founded in 1970), the underlying power behind it is well known.

Sahaja meditation is an extremely powerful form of meditation capable of holistic healing and for many aspects in our lives, a form of protection. These include protection from harmful effects on our health, well-being, personality improvement, relationship and even our financial well-being. But above all this, it provides access to the unexplored and the powers that lie there.

That average meditation that you’ve been reading about or even trying or seems to be wildly popular – you need to throw it out right now.

Enough of the mental mumbo jumbo and flimsy solutions like being mindful and merely relieving stress. Or trying to appear cool by meditating. We need something a lot deeper that makes a stronger and longer-term impact. It should protect us from harm, heal our problems in many different ways and take us to a new level in our evolution. It should help us find the purpose of our lives, while giving us the security and confidence to deal with just about anything.

It’s time to do a reality check on what real meditation is and should be. And how you can embrace one into your lifestyle.

Real meditation is extremely intricate, requires focus, patience and dedication.

Wait, doesn’t that dissuade a lot of people from trying it out? Sure. But that’s also the reason why stress relief type meditation offerings have been flying off the shelves across the world – they’re easy to do. Quick and easy is what sells and draws people in.

But Sahaja is a powerhouse that requires the initial investment in time, attention and focus. Once you learn how to fly a plane compared to learning how to ride a bike, you become and feel powerful. A whole lot more. Meditation is not a quick fix, at least the most authentic, ancient ones weren’t meant to be. In fact, the true state of meditation accessing the higher consciousness was the de facto religion of saints and highly evolved people. So meditation was their religion. It was something for which they gave up everything else in their lives.

Over time, human civilization was stupid enough to form some kind of diluted religions out of this concept, on one hand, and then to separate meditation out into a cool, stress relief technique on the other. We’re always trying to compartmentalize things to suit our idiocy and because of our inability to comprehend something complex and deep. The human ego cannot stand the state of not being able to understand something. We have to break it down, translate things and create digestible packages out of it till we ensure that the dumbest amongst us can get it. Never mind if it results in creating something that is radically different from what it was originally meant to be.

Deep, spiritual meditation, the only original form, was the victim of such an exercise and over thousands of years as human civilizations grappled with interpretations of this divine and natural gift residing within each human being.

So, when you sign up for meditation, be ready for the long haul and be ready to work hard at it over many months.

It works holistically and inside, out.

Most other forms of meditation are cognitive-based, Sahaja works on your physiological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual level simultaneously. It heals and improves each layer deep inside you. Merely fixing your state of mind is a band-aid fix at best. You don’t need stuff to clear your head, rather what you need is a higher state of existence that goes beyond the mind, where thoughts are minimal. And you cannot just pretend that everything is fine even as the temporary stress relief is ignoring the deep-rooted emotional and spiritual problems.

An important strategy to adopt with Sahaja, therefore, is to allow the innate power inside you to work things out. Most other meditation will involve doing something all the time. Sahaja works instead through a combination of doing your routine but also perceiving the energy inside you and allowing it to do its job.

It works pre-emptively and proactively.

You can develop intuitive and sensory powers to detect problems inside you well ahead of the symptoms and before the problems can cause a lot of trouble and grief in your life. And it can be really precise in pinpointing the issue very specifically so you can work on it. Every other form of meditation is a remedy after the symptoms have hit you. And none of them go as deep in solving your problems as Sahaja does, in any case.

You’ll have to train yourself to introspect all the time and be sensitive to those signals your inner energy system is sending to you.

It gives the best shot at exploring what science or medicine is yet to find.

If you’re the type to have realized that science is not the end of everything and there are things in nature that it cannot touch, then Sahaja is your best bet for exploring those aspects. No, these aren’t things that are magic or voodoo or those that are opposed to scientific beliefs. These are aspects that are real and beneficial but science is yet to research and qualify them in full. Consider this for example:

A 2016 Sahaja meditation study using the brain structure imaging techniques of MRI and Voxel-Based Morphometry (Hernández et al, 2016 ) found that long-term Sahaja practitioners (compared with non-meditators) had significantly larger grey matter volume not only throughout their brains overall, but also specifically in the left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and left insula — regions associated, in part, with emotional intelligence — as well as in right hemispheric regions (insula, ventromedial orbitofrontal cortex, inferior temporal and parietal cortices) associated with, among other traits, aspects of socio-emotional intelligence such as self-awareness, feelings of empathy, compassion, and altruism.

We are finding more and more that science and studies conducted are slowly beginning to match what Sahaja practitioners have been seeing as unique benefits for decades now.

Sahaja has the science backing its benefits and in your practice, you can look forward to tapping into it for a wide range of benefits. It can do a lot for you, as long as you’re ready to tap into it.

It gives you tremendous reserves of energy, confidence and patience in dealing with crises and problems.

Those dainty stress relief or mind-calming meditation apps are a pale shadow of what real meditation can do to your life. Simply explained, Sahaja unleashes the power of the dormant Kundalini energy inside you. As it begins to work on you, staying calm and being in the state of meditation is a given; what’s more important is that this energy cleanses and energizes your vital functions which are run by your chakras and nadis (energy channels). And you can feel the difference over time, even though it may not be dramatic within the first few days.

The more evolved and highly motivated people in this world tried very hard to master this form of meditation.

Today’s average meditation offerings are for the masses. While what we offer is technically for everyone, it is especially for those who can see beyond the superficial things in life and are seeking something a lot more powerful. And particularly for those willing to put in the effort for it and go any distance. 

A recent case study of a highly motivated meditator from New Orleans explains it. He found Sahaja Online after he was frustrated with most other solutions and explanations of what lies beyond the mind. It was a treasure trove of information for him. He went on to learn and get very deep into Sahaja and all through our online sessions and the website. At some point, we noticed his eagerness to learn and flew out to him to guide him on the advanced concepts. Each day that he discovered something new was a profound happening for him. Those are the best type of people for whom the powerful forms of meditation are meant. The lesson to take from his story is that perseverance and determination in pushing through until you begin to see the powerful benefits is the best way to pursue something like Sahaja meditation.

This meditation isn’t very popular or prevalent and there’s a reason for this. Sahaja is for the early adopters, the leaders, the open-minded, independent thinkers and the experimenters. None of these qualities represent the masses. It just doesn’t appeal to everyone. There’s a certain level of difficulty associated with it and the rewards of being persistent are really sweet. And those that get through to the final stages end up making the practice even richer and better by being part of the collective.

The Sahaja form and techniques are intricate and technically solid.

There are no other known forms of Kundalini yoga or meditation that can genuinely cause the Kundalini to break through the Sahasrara after passing through the central energy channel. Most other forms of Kundalini yoga or meditation, even if they are successful end up getting stuck at the 6th chakra. There are no other forms of yoga or meditation that can make the Kundalini rise for a group of people collectively at the same instant of time. Kundalini yoga has always been an individual effort. Sahaja is a collective phenomenon. Sahaja is the true yoga – the union of your inner self with the all-pervading power.

And yes, we know why pathogens and microorganisms like viruses and bacteria attack, how they intrude and take over our spiritual subtle energy system. We won’t promise a cure, because we are strong believers in scientific trials, science and medicine ourselves. What we offer doesn’t qualify as a cure or treatment. Yet, when you go beyond the realm of science into the unexplored, there are powers to be discovered within you that might surprise you. We have our share of scientific studies backing the benefits of Sahaja, but we have stuff much beyond that to offer.

The benefits are unlimited and unique to you.

The big advantage is that Kundalini based meditations have virtually infinite potential to provide benefits and uniquely to each practitioner. This is one of those practices which doesn’t have to be limited in its uses or applications to typically suit a large population. In that sense, we can’t even be accurate when trying to describe its benefits. Many of us have turned our lives around, improved our health, solved our financial problems, fixed our relationships and most of us have transformed our personalities. Sure, we all have something still to work on and improve. But the difference in the before and after versions of our lives is enormous. And that is what should appeal to you. The world is looking for ways to make a big difference in their lives to fight the exceptional circumstances. 

Okay, I’m sold. What’s the best way to make Sahaja a part of my lifestyle?

  1. Make a beginning. Start attending our online sessions.
  2. Don’t worry about the order of your learning or too much about specific techniques, just absorb what you can. It will work itself out as you persist for several weeks at a stretch.
  3. Focus on the experience more than the learning. You cannot understand or make a lot of progress through your mental acumen when what you’re trying to master is to go beyond the mind.
  4. Resist making it an “independent” thing that you can do by yourself at home. That’s what those meditation apps are for. Sahaja will only work if you combine group sessions with individual hard work at home.
  5. Twice a day meditation at home and twice a week group meditation is a sound plan to begin to feel the benefits.
  6. Remember – it has to feel somewhat difficult, complex and many spiritual concepts will sound somewhat new. If everything looks too easy and crystal clear, something is wrong and you’re probably approaching Sahaja like the average meditation out there.
  7. We have a lot of resources – practitioner videos that talk about their experiences, technique videos and a lot of stuff to read. Use this time at home to the best possible extent. Let the adoption of Sahaja be the silver lining to your life amidst the ongoing crisis.