Over the last week, the world celebrated Earth Day, offering their obeisance to the Mother Earth and promoting awareness about environmental consciousness in general.


However, spirituality and spiritual meditation have a special connection with the Earth.


Mother Earth is Divine.


As meditators, we need to understand and appreciate that the Earth is simply not a physical or geographical or astronomical entity, it is, first of all, a divine form of existence. It was created by the divine as an epitome of maximum forbearance, patience, and motherhood to support God’s beautiful creation of human beings and life.


At the spiritual level, it was endowed with the power to support life in the form of millions of different types of beings and in its full splendor and beauty other than supporting the vast oceans and land on it. And it had the powers to create the spiritual existence of human beings, i.e., parts of our subtle energy system.


Mother Earth created the first chakra, the basis of our existence and the most fundamental aspect of our spirituality.


And the first chakra is the one which emits auspiciousness. It gives us balance. It also grants us righteousness and the power to love.


More importantly, Mother Earth also created the spiritual power behind the first chakra and this power is one of pure innocence.


How Does Mother Earth Work on Us?


Spiritually, the first chakra was created as the point of balance within us – the point that is directly influenced by the gravity of Mother Earth. That is how we remain balanced, grounded and centered as a personality.


The pull of the force of gravity from Mother Earth to the center of our gravity (the first chakra) means that we witness everything, but do not get disturbed or tempted. We are self-contented. We develop forgiveness easily. Because we have no way to get out of the power of gravity on our spiritual being, we’re bound within reasonable limits of our behavior and actions. This helps us live our lives within the protocols that nature created for human beings.


After all, such protocols and a sense of balance are vital for the sustenance of this Mother Earth and its eco-system. In fact, the number one cause of all problems, imbalances and suffering for human beings is the disturbance in this balance in the universe and on this Earth.  All of this imbalance is brought about by actions of human beings, seeking to go beyond the forces and protocols of nature.


When the limits of its tolerance are crossed, Nature hits back in the form of earthquakes and other natural disasters. On other occasions, it loses its ability to tolerate human excesses such as violence and wars. Similarly, when its capacity to adjust and absorb artificial and naturally indestructible materials created by us runs out, we see diseases and the extinction of species.


And so, innately, we are spiritually endowed and safeguarded by this balance provided at all times by this Earth.


As long as we acknowledge and respect this, peace prevails in this world.


Meditation Techniques that Use the Power of Mother Earth


While some techniques help us stay closer to the earth, the simplest technique is to live a life embracing Nature and natural things. This means consuming things largely coming directly from nature. A good example is eating natural sources of food rather than complex, processed foods. It also means minimizing the use of plastics and other artificial materials.


While going green entirely may be hard and even prohibitively expensive at times, we may try and make the right choices wherever we can.


Beyond this, spending time in Nature and meditating in nature can help realize and strengthen the “earthly roots” within us and have a deeper meditation experience.


Then there are powerful clearing techniques that involve sitting on the ground and cleansing ourselves by using both hands placed on the earth beside us. As much as we are in contact with the bare earth, this tends to clear us out and keep our subtle energy system charged up, resulting in a deeper meditation experience. Taking nature walks barefooted can also help significantly.


Meditation is a lifestyle change. But when accompanied by a change in our habits to embrace our connection to Mother Earth, it becomes even more effective for us.