Over my two decades of practice of meditation, if there’s one technique or strategy I can single out as the most effective, it’s this one. It comes highly recommended by those practitioners who like to go very deep into the practice and discover new levels inside them and abilities they did not know existed.


Personally, I’ve used it to make radical changes in my life when I felt the need. Equally well, when I was hitting a low in my spiritual journey, this is the technique that helps most by being a wake-up call and quickly getting me back to balance.


The Benefits


Before I actually reveal the strategy to you, here are the significant breakthroughs and benefits in your life possible by using it –


  1. Become a Regular Meditator – If you’re struggling to stick to a regular meditation routine, you can do a full reboot or reset by employing this strategy. It pulls you out of lethargy and obstacles and catapults you into becoming a regular meditator. Not through mere self-discipline, self-awareness or other lowly strategies like marking your calendar or using a task list. It truly works at a deep subtler level to make a change inside you.
  2. Get Your Priorities in Life Straightened, Eliminate the Obstacles – When you start following this strategy, you stop struggling, searching and groping around not knowing what to do with your problems or lack of focus – the answers just come to you and present themselves. You turn into a confident, clear person leaving you stunned with a “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” feeling many times.
  3. Eliminate Laziness and Procrastination – for the most part, you will find yourself amazingly productive during your entire day and staying ahead of your work, be it at home or your job.
  4. Access Intuitive and Creative Solutions – The list of benefits gets better, subtler and superior from here. This meditation strategy opens up access to terrific ideas and solutions from the Collective Unconscious spiritual realm – the ultimate storehouse of knowledge in this universe. We all know that in Sahaja meditation, we access this realm each time we meditate, however, this strategy I’m referring to turbocharges and supercharges that effect.
  5. Transform Your Life to Become a New Person – whether it is spiritual advancement or discovery of yourself or getting rid of bad habits or just needing a life makeover, this strategy will transform you from the core and inside out. You will overcome the most difficult challenges in life that are holding you back.


The Challenge


Nothing in life comes easy. Transformative efforts most certainly don’t. Yet, nothing about this strategy is impossible or so hard that you cannot do it. It only takes some initial focus and perseverance before you reach the point where the benefits and positive changes start showing. Then you will likely need no special effort or motivation to keep using it. The hard part is sticking to it consistently. But more than that, the most difficult part is that it will require a fundamental change to at least one of your personal habits and daily routine. More on this when I tell you the strategy.


The Spiritual Basis for The Strategy


There are certain times in a day which have the maximum concentration and availability of the divine vibrations around us. The best time for spiritual pursuits, for many centuries and thousands of years, in fact, has been early in the morning – right at dawn. This is that time when Nature commences the day. The birds start chirping and everything seems divinely peaceful.


And The Strategy Being Recommended is Simple – Do Your Daily Meditation Somewhere in The Time Window Starting 90 Minutes Before Sunrise and Until Sunrise.


And not just any meditation – you’ll have to do one as powerful as what we offer, where you connect your subtle instrument to this all-pervading divine energy that is at its peak. No, your meditation cannot be a merely cognitive exercise like being mindful or mere focus or concentration technique. This golden ticket to spiritual growth can only be had using a spiritual meditation like Sahaja.


This unique period is also not new or invented by us. Known as “Brahma Muhurtham” in ancient Sanskrit language, which literally means “the Creator’s auspicious time”, for thousands of years, saints and sages have done their yoga, meditation and religious practices in this time period. And the same is very much endorsed and recommended by the founder of the Sahaja practice too. In fact, it’s adopted in all our large gatherings, seminars and anything of importance. However, we like to make it a bit flexible and balanced to call it “Early Morning meditation”. Do your meditation an hour before sunrise, depending on where you live.


And that’s what we’d like to pass on to you. Simple, yet extremely powerful.


There’s a lot more to the basis of this strategy. Many ancient systems like Ayurveda recommend this too.  You’ll also be happy to know that this strategy is not unique to meditation. Scores of successful people recommend early rising. In addition to the “Early to bed, Early to rise” proverb by Benjamin Franklin, the internet is filled with stories and a lot of praise on how early rising can change your life and make you a new person.


And think of what a powerful magical meditation technique combined with that can do for you – it can exponentially magnify the benefits of early rising. It can transform you spiritually deep inside you, making a fundamental positive change in your personality and habits.


How Can You Get Started and Take Maximum Advantage of Early Morning Sahaja Meditation?


If you are an early riser, then this is great news for you. Just pack in a 5.30 or 6 am meditation for 20 minutes in your routine.


If you are a night owl and late riser, you’re going to have to muster up a lot of self-discipline to follow this technique. But before that, you’ll have to accept the benefits are transformative and choose to try it.


But here’s the good news. We’re revamping our meditation session schedule and to start with, we’ll be offering early morning collective meditation sessions online for our East Coast subscribers in the US and eventually expand it to other regions based on the results and participation.


So triple benefits of early waking, early morning meditation and collective meditation, which has a unique set of benefits of its own.


And we’re going to make it more special by providing you an opportunity to special knowledge and insights into magical meditation techniques during this early morning session. You’ll learn these not as theoretical concepts but as we guide you through each meditation session and teach you how to balance yourself and work on your deep-rooted problems.


Enough to make you a seasoned practitioner in 90 days. But more importantly, you’ll start seeing a sea of improvement in yourself as you begin to follow along. A power packed, truly transformative meditation experience in other words.


We’re also going to help you test out the effectiveness of this strategy by getting you to focus on doing things that seemed impossible or habits you found difficult to get rid of. Or watch your problems melt away. Trust us, it’s possible and anecdotal experiences of Sahaja practitioners confirms this.


Stay tuned for more on our Early Morning meditation offering in the New Year. If you’ve been making New Year Resolutions, then the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you want your current brain to work on those or a powerful, rejuvenated one. In fact, you could realize that the resolutions you made were not the right ones for you in the first place!


More important, if you want to usher in a completely new version of yourself in 3 months, this is your best shot. Your life is about to change in ways you could never imagine.


This is not just for those getting started with meditation – it applies equally well, if not more, to experienced meditators – especially those who have hit a plateau in their progress and unable to figure out how to reach a higher level. It applies to those who have gotten complacent after years of meditation and stuck in a rut, unable to recreate the magical experience they had in the first few months and years of their meditation. It’s a way for meditators largely doing a solo effort on their own to tap into a powerful collective meditation experience.


Your interest in our Early Morning meditation program will help us structure and launch this program. So please write back to us – are you interested in such a powerful, transformative program? Are you ready for it? Are you willing to commit to it? Is there a special reason or problem you are looking to solve that we can address in this program?