As we’ve always maintained, one of the biggest obstacles the world has is to understand the real meaning of Spirituality and not confuse it with related concepts like religion or other philosophies.


Spirituality is important because our meditation is centered around discovering your inner self through an inner subtle instrument within us. This means that meditation and spirituality are part of the same concept and truth and inseparable.




Spirituality is to realize and become the Spirit or Inner Self, or in other words, to identify oneself fully with this Inner being. This inner being is part of a composite entity called the subtle energy system along with the inner Kundalini energy, the system of chakras and channels. Identifying oneself and becoming the Spirit means to discover, feel and experience the Spirit and subtle energy system within us.




Spirituality is realized and actualized individually by every person – it is not a mass phenomenon or a large faith-based practice or gathering. But, the progression to higher spiritual states is both individual and collective, we can only progress up to a point on an individual basis, after that it is the collective spiritual realm, also known as the Collective UnConscious and the ease with which we can get to this realm that determines our progress. But again, progress through collectivity doesn’t really means large, meaningless congregation or meaningless group thinking. It simply means unison with the collective spiritual being.




Spirituality revolves around personality improvement. It is meaningless without it and cannot be established unless we exhibit the subtler qualities and behavior that are positive and a sign of highly mature, evolved human beings. Innocence, wisdom, pure desire and knowledge, self-mastery, compassion, collectivity and diplomacy, forgiveness and an unshaken and proven knowledge of the existence of the divine power are some of the most important qualities of a spiritual person.




Spirituality is not mere faith or belief, it is a real, tangible experience and exercise of reaching higher states of consciousness (the state of true meditation). In Sahaja, this state is very precisely defined and comprehensively researched and understood – it is called Thoughtless Awareness.




Spirituality is not a mere accumulation of knowledge of spiritual concepts, it is the becoming an expert on handling one’s own subtle energy system to become a better person.




Spirituality is much bigger, broader and deeper than religion or philosophy. It is the ultimate end or destination for us. Religions, faith-based beliefs, and philosophies are a means to this end. They may serve as directional indicators along the way, hence, still very useful and important for us. But Spirituality may also be achieved independently of any of these.




Spirituality focuses on the formless, divine power in the Universe, – the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being as its primary vehicle. One may realize other forms of the divine including deities in later stages of progress, but these cannot be without the perception of the Supreme formless power first of all.




Spirituality is for normal people, no one needs to be special or qualified in any way to realize the depths of spirituality. A strong desire within, the readiness to experiment with an open mind and the acknowledgment that there could be forces beyond what science teaches us are sufficient. Spirituality can be practiced every day by just about anyone and by people with families alongside their careers and leisure time activities. No special sacrifice is needed.




Spiritual progress requires patience, perseverance, hard work, and focus.  Like any other field or pursuit, the results are directly proportional to these. Spirituality cannot be gained merely through some divine blessing, self-proclamation of superior status or exhibiting special knowledge about mystical things. You can be in a higher and better spiritual state than any priest or saint or guru in this world who is famous. Popularity, power or position do not define your spiritual state.




Our spiritual being or subtle energy system is eternal and indestructible, it passes through various states and realms to ultimately try and become a mirror image or replica of God, I.e., the perfect being.  Spirituality, thus, is a much longer-term journey than our current lifetime, however, the current lifetime is the most important opportunity we have to reach higher and better states. Spiritual ascent can only happen through human awareness, not outside of it.


Finally, Where does Meditation Fit in?


Meditation is a state of higher consciousness that we strive to reach each time we attempt to meditate and stay there for as long and as steadily as we can. The inner Kundalini energy rises and lifts our attention to this higher plane of consciousness. This higher state is the same as the Collective UnConscious, the spiritual realm that our Inner being needs to be part of and unite with.


Meditation actualizes spirituality. It is the vehicle for spiritual growth within human awareness.