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Meditation – The Perfect Aide to a Weight Loss Program

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68% of Americans are overweight, and more than a third are obese. That is a lot of people who are potentially looking for solutions to lose weight and get fitter.

But, more recently and importantly, with the world being upended with Covid-19, the CDC states the following:

  • Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People who are overweight may also be at increased risk.
  • Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection

While the myriad of solutions and options for this are mind-boggling, a successful weight loss program is a combination of multiple facets that need to be followed with discipline – optimal diet, cardiovascular and strength training and staying active.  In addition, the invisible factors in the success of such programs are subtle – they deal with motivation, accountability, and perseverance, amongst many others.

Meditation scores heavily in subtler areas along with scientifically backed research supporting its role in the primary weight loss facets or levers. It can be the central guiding force that makes a weight loss program successful.

Let’s see how.

by Sahaja Online

The best strategies for good health

In our last two parts relating to planning for the next decade, we stressed on how spirituality and good health are the foundation of your success in this decade.


Today we share some very simple yet effective strategies for good health. Just about anyone today can give useful health tips, but we’ll try to do this from a unique perspective – one that ties your meditation routine to your health strategies.


by Shankar Ramani

Healthy Diets Don’t Help if You’re Stressed

Eat healthy — it’s a common refrain these days, everywhere we turn. And certainly healthful eating has many well-established benefits. But there’s a new twist: Stress can override those benefits.


by Debbie Curtis

How Sahaja Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

With the fast-paced, stressful world we live in, it’s easy to put on the pounds without noticing the weight, until you meet a new romantic interest or try to put on the holiday outfit from last year.


That’s when the shock comes in, sending us on an emotional roller coaster. To try to lose weight some jump on the latest fad diet to shed the extra pounds in 30 days or less. Others may try portion control or a new gym membership.


However, no matter what weight-loss path a person takes before he or she knows it, they are back on autopilot, and the pounds keep coming.


Enter stage right, Sahaja meditation. The free help you’ve been looking for to get to and maintain, healthy weight.

by Sahaja Online