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Healthy Body – Healthy Mind: Myth or Reality?

Mens sana in corpore sano – ‘A healthy body houses a healthy mind’.


Medicine and spirituality may seem at odds with one another. Or so it would appear in modern times. The history of medicine, however, tells us something very different. The role of spirituality in medicine is part of its evolutionary DNA.


And now as a meditator, you have a real chance for unlocking ancient healing secrets in a very real way.


by Dr. Ashish Pradhan

Meditation and the Unconscious mind

Ever wonder how we zip through periods of time during our day when we only recall beginning to perform some activity but only have a recollection of the instant of time when we’re done with the activity? Or only getting back our attention a little bit into the next activity that succeeded it? The reason for this is because a lot of our routine activities are being done by us almost unconsciously – we do them well and correctly and don’t even notice that we’re performing them.


The unconscious mind has intrigued scientists for a long time and they have come up with several plausible conclusions such as how the unconscious mind is responsible for our immune function and heart rate and how it fights any risk or threat it perceives to us, amongst many other things.


Close to 5 decades of Sahaja practitioner experience, as well as some of our own research, has led us to demystify many things related to the UnConscious, some of which overlap and resonate with what others have found.

by Shankar Ramani