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How to Control Your Attention in a World of Distraction

Recently, there was a story on a blog about a man diagnosed with adult ADHD in his 30’s. It answered many questions he’d had for years about his level of hyperfocus and high distractibility. He realized he used hyperfocus to drown out the distractions around him.


While this level of focus might seem highly productive to outsiders, this man would become obsessively absorbed in something, neglecting his responsibilities and losing track of time. He was prone to abandoning projects in mid-stream and changing focus completely.


What this young man did was learn how to rewire his brains using practices and habits of meditation. It allowed him to create a support system rather than being medicated.

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Getting Back to School: How Sahaja Helps Kids Struggling with AD/HD

Back to school means much more than school supply shopping for parents with children struggling with AD/HD. Now is the time you’re likely to be brainstorming solutions for you and your child for the upcoming school year.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a disorder that impacts many children and adults today. People struggling with AD/HD can struggle to pay attention or may find it difficult to control their behavior. While medication, counseling and lifestyle changes are often first lines of treatment for AD/HD, studies show that Sahaja meditation techniques are also hugely helpful for both children struggling with the disorder and their parents.

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