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How meditation boosts your immunity

In a raging pandemic, everyone’s focus is on how to improve their immune system. Before we get all excited, we need to understand that our immune system, like all other wonderful human physiological systems, is incredibly intricate and complex. Those who try to sell magical cures and pills for improving immunity need to be very careful. 

At Sahaja, our primary goal is to use meditation as a catalyst for improving our overall health and well-being and not for it to be a cure or medical solution by itself. Stress impacts immunity negatively, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to show that meditation boosts immunity. Combined with a host of other benefits, meditation is best used for eliminating several negative impacts on our health, thereby aiding our body to express its full power and potential.

by Sahaja Online

How we’ll get over the current crisis

Unmistakably, what we’re seeing today is the number one crisis in the world today. In all likelihood, all the email you’re receiving now is Covid – 19 readiness or news about the run on toilet paper and face masks. The world seems to be filled with dire predictions and gloom and doom.


As experienced meditators, we offer a more positive viewpoint as well as our insights and recommended strategies on dealing with the crisis.


by Shankar Ramani