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How to feed your soul

Have you ever noticed how we spend so much attention on feeding our bodies and our tastes? Rarely do we miss a meal. But it’s well beyond that. We pay a lot of attention to enjoying our food and getting the best dining experiences. Sometimes, food is the ultimate epitome of a celebration in our lives.

And there’s nothing wrong with it; great experiences and comfort, to a degree, are part of a wholesome and fulfilling life, no matter which aspect of our lives they are related to. But our attention is not proportionately spent in enriching our lives equally in all of its facets. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs says that our attention is centered around what our body needs most of all and safety, i.e., the base of Maslow’s pyramid. After those needs are satisfied, it moves higher to fulfill our emotional and esteem-related needs. Finally, our spiritual needs or higher purpose sit at the peak of the pyramid. It’s not hard to see that the higher tiers of the pyramid require greater effort and energy, in part because they come much later in the hierarchy and are harder to get to. The other reason is that searching and seeking out the best and quickest ways to satisfy our spiritual needs are not easy to find.

The good news is that you’re in good hands now. In Sahaja, there’s a lot of experience and methods in giving equal, if not greater, emphasis on feeding our soul with rich experiences. In our busy lives and amidst all the challenges, nourishing our spiritual being requires careful planning and insights into how experienced meditators do it.

Drawing comparisons between how we feed our body and our soul can help us understand this in greater detail.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation – far beyond relaxation

While spirituality is Sahaja meditation’s forte and sweet spot, and we often talk about it a lot, Sahaja meditation’s benefits go far beyond mere stress relief or relaxation. Also, for many, meditation might be some vague technique to find peace and calm. Not for those who practice Sahaja. Today, we’d like to be very specific about what Sahaja meditation can do beyond mere relaxation.

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Developing precision meditation skills – Part 1 of 2

Developing any kind of precision skills is exciting and fulfilling. It helps you become a master at your craft, an expert and in complete control of yourself. Fortunately, Sahaja meditation involves our incredibly intricate subtle energy system and allows us to develop such skills if we strive for it. This is not your average meditation where you simply focus and concentrate and hope for some vague outcomes. Rather it can be as precise as you want it to be and the best part is that the potential for precision is infinity.  That’s because spirituality itself is infinite (or in fact encompasses the concept of infinity itself, perhaps?).


Not only that, but it can also be highly customized to you as a person so you can use it to your advantage. In this part, we share with the inner and precise workings of your attention and how meditation actually results, so you have a thorough understanding of what goes on underneath the hood, i.e., inside your subtle energy system.


by Sahaja Online

How Meditation Helps in Being Balanced and Grounded

While meditation has a number of benefits, we at Sahaja, are unique in bringing out some unusual benefits you may not commonly hear about with the scores of other forms of meditation in the market. That is because Sahaja is a very deep, holistic and intricate practice. It works at the deepest levels inside you – your subtle energy system of chakras – to produce multiple benefits.


A while ago, we explained how meditation can help avoid lethargy within you.


Today, we’d like to share another uncommon benefit – strategies on how to use meditation for becoming more balanced and grounded. What makes this discussion even more interesting is that most people have some sort of vague and generic understanding of what those two terms really mean or will feel like. And admittedly, it’s more cool these days to say “My meditation just blew away my stress” than tell someone “Meditation helps me stay grounded”.  The latter remark is sure to raise some eyebrows even though it is a much more sustainable and longer-term benefit and positive outcome.


We’d like to define them in a very practical way and how you can experience the benefits of being balanced and grounded on an everyday basis.

by Shankar Ramani

Practitioner-approved benefits of meditation

There are many benefits of regular Sahaja meditation. While your journey and the benefits you will garner from practicing Sahaja meditation are uniquely your own, it can be helpful – and encouraging – to hear from experienced practitioners about what they have gained from regular practice.

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