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Why You Should Schedule Meditation Breaks

Sometimes, it’s difficult to take practical business advice and give it a Sahaja meditation spin. However, the Harvard Business Review published an article a few months ago that bears a closer look. “To Be More Creative, Schedule Your Breaks” by Jackson G. Lu, Modupe Akinola, and Malia Mason discusses how your need to be intentional about when you take breaks if you want to be the most creative you can.

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What Sahaja Meditation Means for Creatives

You’re a creative. You’ve spent time finding and honing your craft. Whether your work lands you in galleries, concert halls or in the hearts of those you love, creativity is the stuff your life is made of. When you’re a creative, your life choices align with and complement your work. If you’re a creative type, your emotional intelligence plays a big role in how you as a person come through your work, regardless of the medium you use. This emotional connection to your work enables you to connect with your audience.


Among a myriad of benefits, Sahaja mediation can offer artists and creatives refined attention, purified awareness, and greater emotional intelligence.

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