We’re in a transformative pursuit in life, at least spiritually. I love things that give me the maximum “Bang for the buck”. But that’s figuratively speaking because in reality, I like to spend no money at all and still get a huge payback on any strategy, approach or tool I use in life. And I like life changing strategies to take the least out of my attention.


Yes, meditators need to use the technique of “Return on attention”, or ROA as I like to call it,  more than the traditional return on investment or ROI paradigm. That’s because our attention is more valuable than our time or money, even though time is extremely valuable too.


Our attention is our primary vehicle for spiritual pursuits. You can’t pay for spiritual progress, it’s a subtle, inner journey that is highly customized to you. And history shows that people spent their entire lifetimes struggling to get spiritual Self-Realization but got nowhere. All the time they had at their disposal didn’t help them. Every bit of our attention spent on low value-adding activities is attention lost for our spiritual progress.