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When Is Stress Dangerous?

Just about everyone is talking about stress today. The term has become a buzzword, and you may even feel like people are competing over who is busier and who is more stressed out. Truthfully, we have all personally experienced stress at one time or another – or maybe even daily. With all kinds of life pressures, it’s almost impossible not to. But, at what point is it something to look at deeper? At what point is stress dangerous?

by Sahaja Online

Healthy Diets Don’t Help if You’re Stressed

Eat healthy — it’s a common refrain these days, everywhere we turn. And certainly healthful eating has many well-established benefits. But there’s a new twist: Stress can override those benefits.


by Debbie Curtis

How Guided Meditation Works to Improve Your Life

Meditation is a universal, tremendously helpful tool for those who are seeking relief from mental and emotional struggles, looking for personal progression, or simply those who desire greater happiness. It might sound like a difficult task, but there are practices like guided meditation for anxiety and stress that help people through the process to healing and wellness. Read on to discover how guided meditation can help you on your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enhancement.

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