As an instructor, whenever I go around the room asking attendees if they’ve settled down and established a consistent routine for their meditation, the answers vary.


About 10% of the attendees will say that they’ve started meditating daily and usually, they go directly to talking about how they’re feeling more patient and reacting much less. I see the twinkle in their eyes, the excitement of having discovered some kind of a breakthrough in their lives.


“Not so much, haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.”, about half of the people reply. When I try to find out what’s preventing them from doing so, the single biggest reason amongst new meditators is the ability to make time for a new habit, a lifestyle change.


The rest say “I was able to meditate a couple of times a week, but I really like your weekly group classes, so I’m not going to miss them”.


By now it’s clear that meditation and specifically Sahaja meditation has a wide range of deep and varying benefits. So, what are the ways by which you can quickly establish your daily meditation routine?