You’ll be surprised to know how precise Meditation and Spirituality can be in the way they work and the outcomes they produce. It’s very common to come across a lot of vague, feel good and ambiguous offerings and techniques in this area. Those who want to make money out of meditation exploit this very aspect very well.


Who after all knows a lot of detailed, specific things about meditation or the spiritual instrument within us? Just promise a bunch of things that people want to hear or wow them with some mystical, magical stuff and people will buy it just to try out something new and fancy.


Worse, many of them simply use auto-suggestion, a form of self-induced suggestion that may make you believe that you’re in a meditative or spiritual or relaxed state. When in reality, nothing actually happens.


Well, not Sahaja, for sure. We’re here to prove, demonstrate and share very specific constructs and knowledge of how meditation works and the spiritual basis behind it. We like defining everything very precisely and clearly and backing that up with science as well as practitioner experiences that serve as anecdotal information.


And arguably, meditation is a skill by itself and not very easy to master. Since we’re not here to sell you anything, we’d like to tell you that it takes patience, perseverance, and hard work to acquire this skill in order to realize the benefits. Yes, you heard it, you cannot become skillful or an expert unless you really work hard after learning a lot from expert instructors.


Here’s our favorite list of precise aspects in our meditation practice that we’re in fact, proud of. And tips on how you can become a skilled meditation teacher.