From Vara Prasad, Instructor, Sahaja Online


We hear a lot about road rage these days and recently I had my own experience with it. Driving in an area unfamiliar to me, I had to stop rather abruptly before merging on to the main road due to the cars on that road driving much faster than I was expecting. A driver on the main road, despite having been in no danger from me, stopped his car in front of me and proceeded to get out, come over to my car, kick my door, swear at me and then drive off again, whilst I thanked my good fortune for not ending up with a bloody nose.


Clearly, this was a massive over-reaction on the other driver’s part to what should have been a minor incident. It left me wondering about the role anger plays in our society. Everywhere we look there is a lot of anger and sometimes it seems as though these levels of anger are increasing.


So how do you deal with anger?