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How meditation influences your brain and nervous system

Most people who seek out Sahaja are in it for deep spiritual benefits. But once in a while, it’s great to know that a powerful form of meditation like Sahaja has several benefits proven by science and to understand the intricacies of how meditation works within us.

One such intriguing area is the impact meditation has on our neurochemicals.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation for career success

Meditation is a holistic solution to many of our life’s challenges and problems. It’s not just about stress relief. In our 50 years of the Sahaja practice, we’ve seen some dramatic turnarounds for meditators in their professional lives. If your job or career, in general, takes up the larger part of your day, as it does for most of us, then you’ll be surprised at how your meditation practice can transform it in different ways. The anecdotal experiences of thousands of Sahaja practitioners confirm this type of transformation.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation Can Help Teenagers in a Big Way

A brand new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that teens rate Anxiety and Depression as the top problem amongst their peers. And this plays right into what we offer and talk about all the time – meditation, whose core and gateway benefits are indeed stress, anxiety and depression relief.


But in our view, the solutions for teens are a bit more nuanced. Can we get teens to meditate? Even before that, how do we establish credibility and a positive rapport with them as a member of the family so we’re talking at the same wavelength that they can understand? How do we show them that we care and can help them out?


Something as profound as Sahaja meditation has many answers in achieving a holistic and workable solution to their problems.


by Sahaja Online

Transforming Life Using Your Attention

Perhaps you have started your meditative journey with us already. Perhaps you have even established a meditation routine, with your regular morning and evening meditation. It’s great if you have managed to establish your personal morning and evening meditation schedule. And if you have not done so we warmly encourage you to try. For these are the main building blocks of your personal and spiritual growth. Establishing and maintaining a schedule of regular meditation is what allows us to keep our inner state in check, to maintain balance and to reconnect to the source of energy every time we sit down to meditate. This is what keeps our batteries charged.


However, you may be wondering: can we remain connected, even after we have finished our “formal” morning meditation? Can we go about our day without getting “unplugged” from the source? Can we optimize our system to save energy, so that our batteries do no completely drain in-between our meditation sessions? And Can we quick-charge our batteries in the middle of the day, while we are working, studying, running errands, or taking care of any number of commitments that we have?


The answer to all these questions is “yes”, and the key is our attention. We will introduce you to several techniques of training our attention and maintaining it throughout the day, in our new Lunchtime Meditation series starting in March.


by Sahaja Online

The Top 3 Benefits of Meditation Simplified

Earlier today, I was conducting a meditation session for a group at Youngstown Ohio when I tried to simplify and summarize top benefits of meditation. It occurred to me that sometimes life needs to be very simple.


While we all are looking for something out of it, at Sahaja Online we undertook an endeavor to unearth every possible benefit, the scientific backing behind it and shared it all with you.


But can we provide a simplistic view of the top 3 benefits? A simple upshot of what is possible with meditation? Here it is.


by Shankar Ramani