Sahaja meditation is different from many other forms of meditation available today. Sahaja meditation – and its benefits – go well beyond stress relief and relaxation. There are benefits on multiple dimensions: spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. Let’s take a look at what makes Sahaja so different.

What brings you to Sahaja – and what you gain from it – is unique to you.

What motivates you to begin meditating may be very different from what will motivate you 10 years into the journey. You may be initially driven by unanswered questions, mystical curiosity, challenges of a particular life stage or may be in the need of physical healing, true relaxation, or inner peace. You may even come to Sahaja meditation to bolster your career, academic, or fitness pursuits. You will notice that as you progress on the journey of Sahaja, you will likely accomplish what you initially aimed for and your perspectives and desires will change.


The power of seeking comes from within every individual from their 3rd energy center. The extent of this power or seeking urge varies widely, both between individuals and at different points in time in the life of an individual. This trigger to try out something like Sahaja, therefore, is very personal.


Sahaja is a very personal journey.


What drives you to meditate will be uniquely yours, and the benefits you garner will be truly your own. Sahaja welcomes you to explore. Sahaja helps you manifest your own spirituality. Sahaja connects you to your own inner energy which then connects to a universal energy, leading to self-realization. In your very first Sahaja session, you declare yourself as being in charge of this journey – a step used to awaken the inner energy. Further, from that point onwards, you are in complete control of your inner energy and your practice. Instructors and other resources we have to offer are available to you, but everything revolves around how you direct this journey.


The basis of Sahaja is your own inner energy.


The practice of Sahaja meditation can connect you with a higher power, a superior consciousness. Perhaps, 10 years into the journey, you will long for a relationship with a higher power, a superior consciousness. Mankind is often united by this common goal – the desire for the opportunity to reach out to a supreme power when needed, to talk with whatever you consider that higher power to be. A close, personal, tangible relationship with universal consciousness is priceless.


Sahaja is not a technique-oriented meditation.


Meditation is the most important state we can try to be in. The word Sahaja literally means born-with, an inner energy that has the potential to connect with cosmic universal energy. While we do have some techniques to help balance energy, at the core, Sahaja meditation relies on our own inner energy. Thus, your experience with Sahaja meditation will be unique to you. No one else will experience the same thing as you. Your meditation is your own. You can customize your Sahaja practice for your needs: what time of the day you meditate, how long you meditate, when and how often you attend a collective meditation session, how you balance yourself and your subtle energy system.


Through Sahaja meditation, you can enter the state of Thoughtless Awareness.


As your inner energy rises, it elevates your consciousness to a higher level – where we establish thoughtless awareness. Many other forms of meditation do not achieve this level. Thoughtless awareness is a state of consciousness that works in conjunction with the flow of your own inner energy. This level of consciousness allows your mind to transcend your typical awareness. What you find there will be uniquely yours.


Sahaja meditation is your own unique journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Improvement


Each of us follows a different path on this journey. You move faster or slower, deeper or shallower depending on your own inner urge, decisions you make for yourself and the time and energy you devote to your practice. And since there’s nothing to pay for, there are no timed courses, tiers or levels of benefits we offer or products that you have to buy. We give you all that we have to offer right up front and help you along the way, but you have to figure out how much you can take and what to do with it.


Ultimately, the benefits manifest as changes within you and you’re in the position to judge yourself and improvements in your behavior – to check how well you’re progressing on this journey of Self-Improvement.


Sahaja meditation does not involve stretching and postures, but rather is “yoga” in the real sense.


Sahaja does give you “yoga” in the real sense, a union of your inner self with the universal cosmic energy to achieve connection, with yourself and the larger universe. This process is called Self-Realization.


We invite you to discover what Sahaja meditation can mean for you. It’s likely that Sahaja is a perfect fit for where you are now, and will also grow with you as you walk further down this path.


Sahaja Online can make your practice and journey even more personal


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