With the fast-paced, stressful world we live in, it’s easy to put on the pounds without noticing the weight, until you meet a new romantic interest or try to put on the holiday outfit from last year.


That’s when the shock comes in, sending us on an emotional roller coaster. To try to lose weight some jump on the latest fad diet to shed the extra pounds in 30 days or less. Others may try portion control or a new gym membership.


However, no matter what weight-loss path a person takes before he or she knows it, they are back on autopilot, and the pounds keep coming.


Enter stage right, Sahaja meditation. The free help you’ve been looking for to get to and maintain, healthy weight.


Seven Ways Sahaja Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight


– Meditation increases awareness into the present, pushing away the need to focus on the emotional triggers of the future or the past.


-Sahaja meditation reduces the levels of stress hormones that play a significant role in weight gain.


– Meditation increases our determination to tolerate and ignore food cravings.


– Sahaja meditation helps to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, thereby lessening the grip of bad-for-you stress-induced food cravings such as comfort food eating, nervous eating, or binge-eating.


– Meditation helps to control the habit of being reactive and impulsive.


– Participating in Sahaja meditation improves self-discipline and self-esteem enabling you to maintain healthy eating habits.


– Meditation helps our mind rewire itself with healthy neural pathways to train our brain to drop unhealthy habits.


Join our group meditation session for the perfect place to start your new lifestyle and weight loss. Our guided group meditation allows for the collective energy to lift and support you along your healthy pathway.


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