We love our families. We would do anything to make sure our kids are happy and have what they need. We want to be close and connected. And yet, with the demands and pressures of life, sometimes we regret to acknowledge that the ones we love don’t always get the best of us. After long days and weary weeks, we don’t always offer our kids the gentlest approach or have the capacity to offer them what they really want from us each day: an emotional connection.

Just one of the ways Sahaja helps parents build healthy, connected families is through increased emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence? Why does it matter to me as a parent?

Emotional intelligence empowers us to understand everyone’s feelings better: including our own. Greater emotional intelligence helps us understand and make room for not only our emotions, but the emotions of others. Strong emotional intelligence also gives us the mental space to be able to respond with self-control, patience and empathy.

While we all want to understand the needs and feelings of our children, it can be difficult. Especially when feelings don’t always present themselves at the most ideal times: in the middle of dinner, right when you’re trying to get everyone out the door or when we’re facing our own overwhelming feelings.

How can Sahaja help?

Sahaja meditation is an inner-energy based technique of meditation designed to offer benefits in multiple dimensions: physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual. This inner energy is a powerful, spiritual energy present in all human beings that typically lies dormant until awakened.

Regular Sahaja meditation helps you channel your feelings and impulses purposefully, keep your goals in mind and pursue those goals with energy and persistence. Your own internal process of self-realization increases your compassion for, and sensitivity to, others and improves your communication skills and empathy for others, which improves every aspect of your relationships.

Connection starts with you.

Your family is a team, and as a parent, you’re in the helm steering the ship. Modeling strong emotional intelligence to our children will not only benefit everyone right now, but will also give our kids valuable skills to take forward into their adult relationships. We can discover greater understanding and empathy by regularly tapping into our inner energy through Sahaja meditation, another gift for our families.


Take some time to discover your own inner energy, and give your kids your best self.
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