There are many benefits of regular Sahaja meditation. While your journey and the benefits you will garner from practicing Sahaja meditation are uniquely your own, it can be helpful – and encouraging – to hear from experienced practitioners about what they have gained from regular practice.

Sahaja meditation resonates with different people for different reasons. While many of these listed benefits may resonate with you as you begin a regular practice of Sahaja meditation, it is likely that your experience with Sahaja meditation will be unique, and perhaps exactly what you need at this time and in this stage of your life.


Many practitioners of Sahaja meditation report the following short and long-term benefits:

  • Greater self-realization, greater fulfillment, satisfaction with one’s own character
  • More balanced moods, feeling more even-keeled and able to respond appropriately
  • Improved brain chemistry, as Sahaja meditation is proven to impact the brain and neurochemicals
  • Greater appreciation and gratitude for one’s own life, and enjoyment of simple pleasures
  • Improved sleep, practitioners also find it easier to fall asleep
  • Ability to remain calm in high-stress environments
  • Improved quality of life in various areas: work, family, relationships, activities
  • Greater acceptance of life’s ups and downs
  • Greater focus and improved attention span
  • Renewal, a restart, a second chance to reinvent oneself
  • Lasting change, from the inside out

Hear from various practitioners about how Sahaja meditation has benefited them personally.



Jeff Raum, artist and Sahaja practitioner, experienced both the short and long-term benefits of Sahaja. Within just the first 2 weeks of practicing Sahaja, Jeff reported feeling more peaceful, less stressed, more even-keeled and better at controlling his reactions to everyday stressors. He explains that almost immediately, his stress levels reduced.


In the longer term, Jeff explains, “I have seen how it has helped me on a physical level with my health.” Born with a heart murmur, Jeff also suffered from chronic bronchitis and weakness in his heart center. Today, he reports that those concerns have mostly cleared. He no longer suffers from chronic bronchitis and has a strong heartbeat. He found that some deep organ problems have been cured since beginning Sahaja meditation.


In the longer term, Jeff also reports an improvement to his mental health. He explains that before meditating, he was self-destructive, always putting himself down. In turn, he suffered from a low self-esteem and mood swings, regularly fighting off feelings of doom and gloom. Now, he has a more positive attitude towards life, is more self-confident and is able to live his life more fully. He attributes his ability to speak confidently and help others begin practicing to his own experience with Sahaja meditation.

Hear more from Jeff’s about he has personally benefitted from Sahaja meditation. 




It has been scientifically proven that Sahaja meditation has far reaching impacts on both physical and emotional health. Many practitioners report feeling refocused and restarted, and experience change from within. When we change on the inside, everything changes around us.


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