Each of us is inexorably shaped by the environment of which we are a part. Our language, culture, politics and belief systems are all influenced by where we are born and how we are brought up to view the world.  This process of relative conditioning affects all of us in varying degrees and is a major factor in the emergence of the Age of Division in which we find ourselves today.


Where does the solution lie?


The polarized positions so endemic in today’s world are due to our identification and acceptance of a relative worldview. Until we are able to move from what is relative and into the realm of the absolute within us, the notion of “Us & Them” will continue unabated.


When the veneer of culture and language are stripped away through meditation, the realization that every human being is, in essence, a part of an interconnected family becomes increasingly apparent. Each time we access the state of thoughtless awareness through the practice of Sahaja Meditation we are connecting with what is absolute within us and tapping into what Carl Jung described as the “Collective Unconscious.”


In this state, we can see clearly that all human beings are interconnected, that each of us has an inner energy which activates a subtle system common to all people, and over time we can actually come to feel another person’s energy within ourselves and help them without saying a single word.


In this age of point-counterpoint and scoring with the latest sound bite to be picked up by a hungry media, it is time for humanity to realize that our true differences are less than skin deep. The “positions” we so vociferously defend are no more than the constructs of a relative world, like a thick fog carpeting a forest floor that can easily be dispelled by the warming rays of the sun.