With meditation becoming a serious commercial affair, everyone these days is out to find the newest and fanciest ways to get people to meditate. The latest innovation seems to be having meditation trucks going around where people can sit down and meditate.


Quite an interesting idea. In fact, we love anything that makes people take to meditation. But aside from the commercial aspect that is obvious, is the food truck concept extended to meditation really necessary?

The State of Meditation Matters The Most, Not The Means


Most forms of meditation try to make a case for meditating by selling the means rather than the end. Like an app, or a truck. Or a great ambience. It’s very hard to get people to experience the true end state. In fact, most do not even know what the end state. Most think it’s a general feeling of relaxation or peace within.


The truth is that meditation is all about finding that state inside yourself and staying in it for as long as possible every day.


And that state can be found and experienced very precisely when you practice Sahaja meditation. We have volumes to talk about Thoughtless Awareness – how it works, how it feels and tips as well. Try and find out how many meditation offerings you hear of describe or even know about it. “Close your eyes an relax”, most of them say.


So it’s completely irrelevant whether you’re in a truck or car or at home or even by a beautiful lake or in a nature resort. Are you able to define and experience that unique state of meditation?


Collectivity and Group Meditation is Important but Not in the Way Most People Think


Most of us are looking for some support – a group, a class or an instructor to help. Learning and doing things all by ourselves is hard. So an exciting group setting or class like in a meditation truck can be very appealing.


But meditation doesn’t work the way a group yoga or aerobics class does. In real meditation, you join a group of people in the same elevated state of consciousness, something you can do even when you’re remote or far away from them. It’s your attention that matters and it needs to be synchronized to fall into that collective awareness and sense it. It’s a very subtle concept, but something very deep and enjoyable once you get around to experiencing.


That collective awareness state is what we offer in our online meditation sessions.


So while people can be distracted by some mental gymnastics in the average group meditation class, the truth is that you need to be able to find that Collective Unconscious realm when you meditate. A genuine form of meditation like Sahaja will give you that.


Yet, we human beings are social animals, there’s almost always an appeal about getting out there and joining a group of people. By all means, we all should. Meditation isn’t meant to make you a lone wolf or to drive you into a cave. It’s meant to equip you with a character and personality you can use in the real world.


So, if you enjoy getting on a bus or truck, you should do it. Just don’t expect some real, high-quality meditation inside it. And yes, we do appreciate anyone and anything who’s out there to make meditation popular, so we certainly appreciate the intent behind meditation trucks.