At Sahaja Online, we strive to make the lives of people easier, purposeful and valuable by telling them about how meditation can help in as many aspects of their lives as possible.


A couple of weeks ago, in one of my online sessions, I decided to cover how meditation can help in workplace success. Meditation is like a centerpiece of a spiritual person, it helps build our personality and develop skills in whatever we do or think about in our waking time.


The time spent at the higher state of consciousness grants us the power to examine and improve the time we spend at the next lower level of our consciousness, which is our regular state of awareness when we’re awake. And nothing compounds like the benefits of meditation in the long term, it builds a strong and balanced personality within us capable of achieving positive outcomes in every facet of our life.


And our workplace or career is no exception to this rule.


The benefits of meditation for workplace success can be divided into two main categories – a set of techniques that help us solve the fundamental and most common challenges at work. These include our ability to manage stress, produce creative solutions, build relationships, become effective communicators and so on.


The second category of benefits is more deep-rooted and long-lasting. As we meditate and establish a meditation routine in our lives, we develop innate abilities through the overall improvement of our subtler being that influences our personality traits and abilities. To that end, it is interesting to explore how each component of our subtle energy system provides some interesting and useful traits that we can use for success in our work and careers.


Rather than go over the details in a written article, I’ve provided a direct link to the video recording of my session.


The first 30 minutes provides an explanation of the concepts while the last 15 minutes are part of the guided meditation.



Happy meditating and to your career success,
Shankar Ramani
Instructor Sahaja Online


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