Can you imagine being able to appoint someone or use a tool to magically mend your relationships? That seemingly arrogant and uncompromising boss of yours comes around and apologizes for being hard on you and says that you can have more time to complete what he or she asked for.


Your friend from many years ago tells you that it was a misunderstanding after all and she’s realized how much she has missed you after all. Or even better, your teenage daughter agrees to listen to your advice instead of saying you’re out of touch with her times.


This isn’t magic, a lot of is a reality that’s happened to many Sahaja practitioners. In my own stint of more than 20 years with Sahaja meditation, a lot of automatic relationship healing has happened, sometimes even more dramatically than the above situations.


What’s actually happening here? When you meditate, you connect to the source of the energy that is the ultimate healing power. It can penetrate not just your inner depths but does similar work on others too. It’s also the ultimate power that controls situations, circumstances, and happenings. When you become one with the power, it ensures that all the pieces fall into place and misunderstandings, hurt feelings and incorrect opinions about you just go away.


The caveat here, of course, is truly becoming one with that power and not merely pretending to be doing your daily meditation. Or skimming through it. And ensuring you’re going deep enough. That can be easy but also incredibly difficult to sustain week after week. It can require you to surrender your ego and put everyone else’s interests ahead of yours. But once you settle down to your meditation routine and immerse yourself in this higher consciousness, it begins to automatically do its work of healing your relationships.


Not only that, it can work in specific ways within you that directly help in improving relationships.


Being Honest


Honesty is an innate trait that starts manifesting inside you in your first energy center. Everyone loves that you’re being honest in any relationship. It makes them think you are reliable and they can count on you, that you aren’t playing games. More than this, the innocence you bring to the relationship is powerful, they know that you always have their best interests in mind and everything you say or do is based on that. Innocence is another powerful trait that gets established in the first chakra.


Patience, Caring, Nurturing


It takes some ability to be patient with the other person despite his or her behaviors and actions. Meditation brings in a sense of caring and nurturing within you for everyone around you. People can see that you care about them and this in itself strengthens the bonds you have with them. Specifically, the third chakra, Nabhi, is the center of caring and nurturing and plays a big role in relationships.


Compassion and Feeling Secure


This comes from the heart chakra, the stronger it gets, the more secure and confident you feel about yourself and the relationship. You can also understand the viewpoint of the other person and develop empathy for them. Your pure unconditional love ensures that the relationship stays strong.




The fifth chakra, Vishuddhi, is the primary driver of communication and it’s role in keeping relationships healthy. It brings in qualities of respect, politeness, and diplomacy which are essential to every relationship. Who doesn’t want such people to be around them? Everyone knows that half the problems in our relationships would go away if we were polite and understanding to start with.




The most challenging trait of all, the ability to let go and move on past the difficulties in a relationship is granted to us by the power of the 6th energy center, the Agnya chakra. How does this work? More meditation simply makes it easier to forgive and forget. It expands our vision of life and exposes us to higher and better things in life than holding grudges.


The regular practice of Sahaja meditation gradually works on strengthening and healing our energy centers so the necessary ingredients for a healthy relationship become ingrained in us over time. In the first few weeks of your practice, you’ll be sure to notice subtle and small changes in how your relationships start turning around or getting better.


Your ability to introspect is greatly increased when you meditate, so it’s also true that you focus on getting better through cognitive and emotional appraisals of yourself. All in all, meditation can be a powerful tool for healing relationships without you actually having to work on them all the time, like analyzing, dissecting and devising things to say to the other person. You can allow the energy within to work it out and it actually is a lot more powerful and efficient in doing this job for you.


So how can you get to this point from where you are? Start with our online meditation sessions, complement it with meditation at home and work your way gradually to a regular routine that involves a mix of at home and group meditation sessions online.


We have a clear path for you, it’s yours to take and see for yourself how your relationships can begin to improve.