Meditation is a holistic solution to many of our life’s challenges and problems. It’s not just about stress relief. In our 50 years of the Sahaja practice, we’ve seen some dramatic turnarounds for meditators in their professional lives. If your job or career, in general, takes up the larger part of your day, as it does for most of us, then you’ll be surprised at how your meditation practice can transform it in different ways. The anecdotal experiences of thousands of Sahaja practitioners confirm this type of transformation.

The fundamentals.

At a minimum, using meditation as a foundation for career success means doing your meditation twice a day and having an awareness of your inner state and subtler being. It requires some investment of your time and a level of discipline. But, more importantly, it requires you to monitor and work towards maintaining that state of equilibrium where you’re not feeling agitated and can maintain your composure well enough to work out solutions to problems.

Stated another way, you’ll need to meditate long and frequently enough to keep yourself at that state.

Solutions to problems present themselves automatically.

After establishing a meditation routine, most people find a certain smoothness and flow to how things work out in their jobs. One startling development is that they seem to be stuck far less on days when their meditative state is strong. It feels like problems solve themselves or, even better, no longer arise or exist. Your meditation gives you a connection to the power that moves everything in this universe; you are in complete harmony with your surroundings and the people around you, so having fewer problems at your workplace is only to be expected.

Your colleagues are nicer to you.

Several people report that their co-workers find them more approachable and pleasant to work with than before, especially after a few weeks of meditation. It seems that they’re emitting positive vibes. In addition, we’ve heard about the angry bosses of meditators no longer being as upset with them – the magical, unseen power seems to be working on them too. In fact, some practitioners report an astonishing turnaround in the attitudes of their supervisors towards them.

You feel motivated and energetic than ever before.

Regular meditation creates significant energy reserves for physical, mental, and emotional activity, resulting in people having more incredible energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to work. That tired feeling after each day and the burden of getting through your day are gone. In Sahaja, we recommend a special and powerful technique for doing a foot soak and meditation to eliminate your work stress every evening.

Your professional communication and social skills improve significantly.

Spiritual meditation like Sahaja innately makes you, and specifically your inner self, part of the Collective Unconscious, a realm spoken about by psychologists like Carl Jung. It builds a sense of collectivity within you and builds your communication and interaction skills. As a result, you will begin to shed your inhibitions and build stronger relationships all around. This aspect also manifests in your career and provides it a boost.

Your emotional intelligence increases to fuel your career progress.

Meditation has been widely demonstrated to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. EI in the workplace has been found to predict leadership ability and strong job performance, increase sales, reduce manufacturing accidents and grievances, and increase dedication and satisfaction at work. EI is the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions, and use them constructively to facilitate thought and drive behavior. 

EI shapes our understanding of ourselves and our interactions with others. It defines how and what we learn from our experiences and helps us set priorities. It determines whether you’re a good team player who can collaborate well with other colleagues. It enables you to channel your feelings and impulses purposefully, keep your goals in mind, and pursue those goals with energy and persistence. You develop the capacity to focus your emotions on the desired goal and delay gratification when it’s necessary to serve a greater, long-term goal. The practice of Sahaja also helps you become more aware of how your actions impact others. Your own internal process of self-realization increases your compassion for and sensitivity to others and improves your communication skills and empathy for others, which improves your relationships. 

Your productivity is enhanced.

With greater focus, self-confidence and a sense of perception, your ability to get things done at work much quicker than before give a productivity boost, setting you up for success.

You can manage the pressures and stress from work a lot easier.

The gateway benefits of meditation include relieving stress and anxiety, and the first place to deploy these benefits is in your work, the primary source of stress for most people.

Techniques that meditators follow while at work

We have culled out the most common strategies that meditators adopt when it comes to workplace and career success:

  • Take 10-minute breaks and timeouts even when things are going well
  • Use the lunch break or a walk outside during your lunch to get a session of meditation. This recharges you to the levels at the start of your workday. If your place of work has a nice lawn, you can do your meditation, which can double the effectiveness of your meditation.
  • Use your vibrations to gauge the effectiveness of any solution or how a situation is evolving. We focus on vibratory awareness workshops in our online meetings.
  • Assess the people you’re dealing with and their positive or negative energies
  • Enhance your productivity using early morning meditation. Despite all the challenges, it sets the stage for clear and balanced attention that can easily help you get through the day.
  • Get ready for the next day using an end-of-the-day foot soak at night before bed.
  • Use thoughtless awareness to find breakthrough solutions to problems. Practitioners often deploy this almost magical technique of detaching from problems at work and spending some time in the thoughtless awareness state. Sahaja is all about this higher state of consciousness that connects you to the power, all-pervading energy of the universe. In effect, you are tapping into the intelligence and intuition of the universe to find answers to problems, and it is most likely to succeed instead of exerting your mental energies continuously.