As sympathies and prayers pour in from people across the world on these disasters, we ask ourselves the same question: What can we do about it?



Late Night Show host Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue was so heartfelt that I went back to my introspection diary and asked myself – Am I sure I’m sincere to my way of helping out in this situation? What is that way?


Donate money for victims? Start petitions to Congress to change the gun control laws? Champion the cause of climate change? These measures and many other steps are unquestionably necessary and do help.


But as long-time meditators, what’s that subtle thing that we can do in such cases?


Serve the cause of making the world peaceful, one at a time. And when each person that we teach to meditate can also have the power to give it to others, the results compound surely, slowly but surely. And the change to individuals and our society is permanent. People who feel peaceful from within often love it so much that there’s virtually no chance that they’re going to go back to that state of agitation, fear, anxiety, and frustration within.


Yes, that’s what real and good meditation does to the world. And when we do it selflessly, without accepting any monetary rewards, it reassures us that we have a plan for life, the ultra-long-term in place. No, it won’t change things overnight, and there probably will be more of these in future. The situation will likely get worse before it gets better. But things will eventually turn around as the world becomes peaceful and awareness of self-improvement is firmly etched in people’s minds.


Another thing that’s unique about prayers and wishes done with a live connection to the divine power – they work and work quicker. We do send a message to the divine in our meditation through our inner Kundalini energy.


What we want is to ignite that spark in people that they can control these things and make that permanent transformation within.


At Sahaja, we have been teaching meditation and inner transformation to people for 47 years now, never accepting a penny for it. Commercial intent doesn’t get in the way to complicate things. No one imposes hierarchical rules and control on us for teaching others how to meditate; we’re free as individuals to give the power of Self-Realization and Self-improvement through meditation to anyone.


There’s something else. We just don’t become peaceful when we become long-term meditators. We find our empathy and compassion magnified. We make strides towards peak Self-Transcendence in our lives. And we motivate and inspire people to do the same.


And dear reader, that’s what we’d want for you as well. To be motivated, make that investment a few minutes every day in your life to give a structure to that self-transcending side in you through your meditation. To allow it to percolate and grow on you and eventually to others around you and the world. Visualize how you can make an impact on this world and people around you.


Think of it – if parents pass this on to children who in turn, can to further generations, we can all look towards a peaceful world with minimal conflicts and problems a few hundred years from now. Goodness is eternal and probably the best thing to pass on in life. And you won’t just be passing on values; you’ll be passing on the gift of Self-Realization, Self-Actualization, and Self-Transcendence.


Activities like meditation that accentuate, nourish and nurture the goodness in human beings can be the highest and most precious gift and contribution we can make.


So, does this motivate you to take action and get started with your journey of meditation and Self-improvement? Tell us what’s stopping you, if anything is and we’re ready to help. Let’s not wait until the next tragedy in the world to get started.