The news cycles these days are brimming with how Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. There are tall predictions and fat hopes for how AI will change our lives forever, primarily because of their ability to use vast amounts of data, analyze information at very high speeds and make decisions that humans make today. In other words, replace the form of human intelligence that human beings have with intelligence that is supposedly more powerful. And likely much better because it makes fewer or no errors, with no bias and of course no emotions involved.


A couple of days ago, there was an article about Google used AI to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.


A while ago, I had written a fairly long account of how Robots will force us to meditate more. The same verdict holds here too. AI is pushing human beings to find something superior and better than the kind of intelligence that AI is going to replace very soon or has already. Case in point above, who needs bakers who struggle around experimenting how to bake great chocolate chip cookies? AI can take over that and do it much better.


But there is another form of intelligence that very few people know about, it’s better either artificial intelligence or the human intelligence that’s acquired through learning, training, and experience. This is the intelligence we tap into through our power of intuition within us.


Universal Intelligence


The power of intuition becomes very real and tangible when you practice Sahaja meditation. This is because we open up a new dimension of awareness and consciousness within us once our subtle energy system within is activated. We have access to the realm of the Collective Unconscious, which is essentially the storehouse of the all-powerful universal intelligence.


How can we understand this greatest form of intelligence in this universe? There are examples all around us. Unfortunately, we’re obsessed with news reports about Artificial Intelligence but very much complacent and unaware of the universal intelligence.


Imagine the kind of intelligence that’s required to create a million different species of ocean animals? Or the intricacies of varieties, shapes, colors of flowers we see? How is this intelligence so precise that it gets it right every single time a particular type of flower blooms? We never ever see a type of flower develop the wrong color or shape. Over thousands of years, how many times do you think flowers would have bloomed again and again without a single instance of them going wrong? What does that speak of accuracy and precision rates of the creation of some of the most beautiful things on earth?


This kind of intelligence is divine or natural intelligence. Human intelligence is a very, very small portion of this infinite intelligence that moves everything in this universe precisely. And creates human beings in such a way that they resonate and have the senses to enjoy everything around. Artificial intelligence is insignificant, minuscule and even nonexistent that it can be dismissed as irrelevant when compared with this divine intelligence. After all, Artificial intelligence is the dumber part of human intelligence on overdrive – it can simply do a lot of processing very fast.

Intuitive Intelligence


So, what do human beings have that AI cannot replace? Intuitive Intelligence within them. This is a subtler form of intelligence that resides in our subtle energy system. Today, thanks to Sahaja meditation and similar methods, it’s possible to tap into our intuitive intelligence.


An enlightened brain is a definite source of intuitive intelligence. We all know that human beings use less than 4% of their brain power. An enlightened brain is one that’s in someone who has undergone Self-Realization, or activated their subtle energy system and has access to the Collective Unconscious. This causes our deepest inner being to have access to the universal intelligence of the universe.


When we meditate in Sahaja meditation, we are continually blurring the lines between human intelligence, intuitive intelligence, and universal intelligence. That’s because our subtle being is becoming one with the Collective Unconscious. In fact, when such a state becomes permanent, we can operate entirely out of intuitive intelligence and 100% of our intelligence is actually universal intelligence. We’ve also spoken about a state called Doubtless Awareness, the ultimate zenith of spiritual pursuit. When in doubtless awareness, this is one of the outcomes – operating entirely out of intuitive intelligence.


The specific area in our subtle system that correlates with intuitive intelligence is the 2nd Energy center, which stores in us the power of creativity and intuition. And an important type of knowledge we call as “pure knowledge”. This type of knowledge comes not from our cognitive learning and memory, but simply out of intuition and once again by tapping into the collective unconscious. The 2nd energy center may be conduit or access or the power to tap into this. It can also be thought of as a storehouse of pure knowledge or intuitive knowledge.


There are many examples of how this intuitive knowledge presents itself to us. We get answers to complex problems – the solution hits us almost out of nowhere. In reality, the solution is coming to us from our intuitive knowledge. Then sometimes, we just know what the right thing to do is or we know for sure when something is going to go wrong. Some people call it gut feel. All these are examples of intuitive intelligence. Artistic creations and creative solutions come out of intuitive intelligence as well.


Artificial Intelligence is No Match for Intuitive and Universal Intelligence.


Now, equipped with this knowledge of how we can use our intuitive knowledge and it’s infinite power, do you feel confident that human beings can outlast and outwit Artificial intelligence? Pretty sure you do. The reason there’s so much hype about Artificial Intelligence is twofold – first very few people actually know about intuitive intelligence and even fewer people actualize it. Second, it is very subtle and whenever something gets subtle, human beings hit a roadblock and start to struggle.


The only way out is to explore what intuitive intelligence feels like and how it can be applied. And to explore this, one has to be a seeker of the subtle and in turn, try out something like Sahaja meditation. Not just try it, but eventually, make it a daily practice. Once we do this, we’re continuously becoming subtler in our existence in this world and growing our powers of intuitive intelligence.


And then we need not worry about Artificial Intelligence. It can do some heavy lifting and scale to do a lot of intelligent tasks. But it cannot scale along the axis of finer, subtler and intuitive intelligence. It cannot deal with abstract things and make decisions for those.