Virtually, every meditation sign and poster today says one thing – Feeling Stressed? Try our meditation. Or something similar. But did you know that meditation’s very simple, yet most powerful benefit can be to give you a complete detailed insight about yourself?


What if you knew every bit about your strengths, drawbacks, emotions and feelings, reactions and more importantly, the root causes of these? Or if you were able to trace your health problems back to deeper problems at the core of your being? Best of all, even get advance warning of problems in your life?


And what if you had instantaneous, day-to-day feedback about this – an inbuilt power and intricate sensory perception deep inside your being that relayed everything to you with startling accuracy? Revelations that you know in your heart of hearts are true and cannot run away from?


Welcome to the high definition view of yourself, that is accessible by powerful meditation constructs and techniques provided by Sahaja meditation.


The obvious question of course – How?


Before we answer this, let’s set your expectations straight. A high definition view of yourself is what we are talking about. But it obviously won’t be the perfect or gorgeous view. That’s an aspirational goal you will set for yourself on your personal journey of self-improvement. For some reason, the term high definition almost always makes us think of a beautiful picture or a large screen with lovely colors. Yeah, like the last time you walked into your local Best Buy store and were watching the huge screen with your jaws dropping. The point is that high definition is the high degree of resolution made available, and not what it displays.


The high definition insights we are referring to are subtle, yet, perhaps even more precise, intricate, useful and alive than those screens. They are real, completely practical and relevant to your life. And for life. They are available always, whether the feedback is good, bad or ugly. Or more likely, some embarrassing mix of all of these.


How? Energy based spiritual meditation techniques deal with activating a powerful subtle energy system inside you. Sahaja takes it one step further. We have a precise mapping of character and personality traits associated with different components of the subtle energy system. And you can experience and feel positive, negative or neutral sensations in every component of this system.


The experience correlates back to the traits that you learn and are associated with the energy centers and channels. But over time, your own behavior and tendencies confirm the real root cause of those sensations and tell you the unmistakable truth about yourself. In glaring, high definition. With painstaking clarity or the surreal comfort of your spiritual being, depending on where you fall in the gauge of worse to best behavior.


This feedback is absolute and intimate and not a judgment of you by anyone or driven by perceptions or bias. It’s the plain, unvarnished truth of about yourself.


The reason that this intricate view of you is available is because of a superior awareness you develop once your energy system is activated and your attention raised to a higher plane during your regular meditation. Your innermost being and its actual presence become perceptible on your Central Nervous System, progressively clearer and sharper,  along your meditation journey.


Why do you need this?


“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”
― Albert Einstein


After all, who look at yourself in such detail? Isn’t it embarrassing? Why shine a spotlight on so many things that aren’t right? Well, a lot of people use it for analysis of their physiological, emotional and mental problems and that’s really useful. But higher up the self-improvement pyramid, this powerful introspection and self-awareness gauge is really about becoming a better person – improving your personality.


And it’s not easy looking at yourself every moment of your waking day using a microscope as though you, the spiritual being, is watching you, the lesser being. Yet, this is exactly what occurs. When our inner subtle energy system gets awakened, we realize our true identity, our Spirit within. That entity is the ultimate real entity that watches all our other worldly identities and behavior, as well as our problems.


How to make the best of this high definition view


  1. Awaken your subtle energy system through our Introductory online sessions – any of our instructors can help with that.


  1. An activated subtle system needs to be nurtured and matured to develop precise awareness of your inner system, its various components, characteristics and how to interpret them. Learn and grow this aspect in our Vibratory awareness workshops and sessions. Look on our meditation calendar for such sessions.


  1. Be a regular meditator, at home and collectively, but more importantly, treat only those sessions as true meditation only when you really know that your meditation and associated thoughtless awareness experience are good or bad. Don’t just sit for 15 minutes and pretend that you did your meditation for the day. No offense to the 80% of us who may actually be doing this!


  1. Your hands must speak, literally. They are the gauge of your subtle energy system. Study our chakra mappings in detail for this. If you haven’t yet felt anything, chances are that you are doing meditation wrong and really need our guidance from our instructors. Stress relief or staying calm is a very rudimentary measure of whether your meditation worked. If you’re hoping that you’ll get by with Do-it-Yourself meditation, remember that they will only get you so far.


  1. Increase the foot soaking sessions and other techniques to remove the clogging in your subtle energy system.


Having an accurate barometer of yourself each day and staying alert to the potential problems in every aspect of your life is perhaps the most significant breakthrough in your self-improvement journey. Not as much for your meditation to blow the stress and anxiety away. The real question to ask yourself is – do you know why you get stressed in the first place and how can you make yourself more immune to it?


Indeed, Sahaja meditation can make you a self-awareness and introspection powerhouse.