Meditation is a universal, tremendously helpful tool for those who are seeking relief from mental and emotional struggles, looking for personal progression, or simply those who desire greater happiness. It might sound like a difficult task, but there are practices like guided meditation for anxiety and stress that help people through the process to healing and wellness. Read on to discover how guided meditation can help you on your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enhancement.

Little Effort Is Required

For those worried about being able to meditate on their own, worry no more. It can be hard to keep focused when your mind tends to think about a million things at once, but guided meditation helps participants through spoken words, aiding your focus in every step.

The Power of the Energy Within

Your guided meditation instructor will help you discover and experience your own inner energy and a unique state of meditation along with specific diagnostic and balancing techniques for your subtle energy system to promote helpful life changes. This combination can have quite a powerful personal impact when compared to passive or do-it-yourself meditation. Group or collective meditation sessions are aimed at creating deeper experiences through the access to the Collective Unconscious, as described by famous psychologist Carl Jung. When the power of the Inner Energy within is utilized, the effect can be strongly empowering, causing you to feel better in a multitude of ways. This technique has been used since ancient times by early civilizations to help manifest the positive changes one wants to see in his or her life and propel oneself towards Higher Purpose in life.

Sahaja meditation can give you the ability to find the inner peace and stillness necessary to leverage the power of your own inner energy to bring about the many changes to improve your overall well being in the following ways:

  • Greater creativity
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Healing of emotions and physical ailment
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased openness
  • Addressing negative self-talk or behavior
  • Tremendous relaxation
  • Enhanced spirituality
  • Feelings of freedom and awareness
  • Improvement in employment or sports

Sahaja meditation is available online to anyone who is seeking to enhance any aspect of their life and become empowered. It gives you the tools to connect with your true self and incorporate and live the life you want. For further information or to get started please visit