There are a few challenges that all Sahaja practitioners typically face:

1. Establishing thoughtless awareness – You’ll find that thoughtless awareness is never consistent. It ranges from a few moments or seconds to a few minutes and is also intermittent and inconsistent. Some ways of tackling this problem are to humble down and surrender yourself to your own inner energy. Cooling your liver down with ice packs can also help stabilize your attention and enhance thoughtless awareness.

2. Establishing your vibratory awareness – Depending on the state of your energy centers, it may take a while for you to begin feeling vibrations. Regular foot soaking and daily meditation, along with clearing techniques explained on this website under the instructional videos can really help in establishing your vibrations sooner.

3. Regularizing your meditation schedule – Many people new to meditation struggle with this. We recommend that you set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier each day and do your meditation the first thing in the morning. And make a conscious attempt to spend 15 minutes meditating before you go to bed. Once you do this every day for several weeks, you’ll eventually reach a point where not meditating doesn’t seem like the way to live your life, and meditation just becomes an integral part of your lifestyle.

This website features plenty of videos and information that can help you conquer these and other challenges.