We have signed up with zoom.us as the platform for offering our online meditation sessions. This is a proven platform for large audiences with facility to join the session over a PC or Mac, any handheld device or over telephone. You will require necessary internet bandwidth for streaming video, so you should be mindful of this especially if you have a limited internet bandwidth plan or a limited data plan. You can always dial in over telephone into our sessions in such cases.

For PC or Mac, a simple one time automatic installation of the zoom application happens for the first time you try to join an online session.

For handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, you need to install the zoom us app.

You can use either the link provided or the Meeting ID to join our online sessions on any PC or Mac or Device. Joining via telephone requires you to dial the number and enter the meeting ID.

Some of our Intermediate Level Sessions may also be two-way interactive video sessions. For these, you will need a good quality broadband, but typically these sessions are not very frequent.