1. Once you’re ready to start attending our online meditation sessions, the first step is to registeryour profile with Sahaja Online by providing a few bits of information about yourself.
  2. Once you’ve registered, you can check our Meditation Calendar  page for Introductory programs and Ongoing meditation sessions. You’re welcome to attend multiple Introductory sessions if you feel you need them, although most people don’t need more than one Introductory program.
  3. If you begin to benefit from our meditation sessions and at some point would like to attend our Intermediate sessions with an Instructor, please visit our Contact page  and submit your request to do so. Or drop a note to one of our coaches if you’re already interacting them.You’ll be asked some questions that help our instructors determine if you’re ready, and will be able to benefit from our Intermediate level sessions. You can typically expect a response within 2-3 days.
  4. Once you’re confirmed for our Intermediate sessions, you’ll receive email notifications along with a link and time to join these sessions. These sessions are not displayed on our Meditation Calendar page and are by email invitation only.

   You may continue our Intermediate-level sessions for many months or even years. Upgrading to our Advanced    Sessions can be handled in a few different ways…

  1. We may periodically send you intimation regarding potential In-Person Sahaja Online Contact Sessions in your area, provided there are other meditators within driving distance who are interested.
  2. If you really want to attend an Advanced Session soon, you can contact your instructor and we’ll try to route you to the closest upcoming session nearby, provided you can arrange your own travel. There are many possibilities for attending these sessions, including large Sahaja events or seminars for advanced practitioners.