Sahaja meditation acts on your inner, spiritual energy (known as Kundalini) and an intricate system of energy channels (nadis) and energy centers (chakras). The state of thoughtless awareness is unique to Sahaja meditation as it is established on a higher plane of consciousness made possible by the Kundalini energy rising and connecting with the all-pervading cosmic energy or the collective unconscious.

Sahaja meditation is not merely a stress relief course. Most other forms of meditation achieve thought reduction or elimination with cognitive focus or mind control at the regular level of consciousness.

Sahaja is designed to be integrated into your lifestyle and through long-term practice, come the greatest benefits in all facets of human life — personality and character improvement, health improvements and spiritual advancement.

Sahaja meditation differs from other forms of Kundalini yoga in that it can be easily taught en masse to many people and the Kundalini energy is taken up through the central energy channel. The opening of the Sahasrara chakra, as the Kundalini pass through it to connect to the all-pervading energy of the cosmos, is totally unique and possible only through Sahaja meditation.

You can also expect to achieve mindfulness — and in fact, greater benefits beyond mindfulness  — by developing vibratory awareness that give you constant feedback and the ability to diagnose the state of your energy centers.

Finally, unlike many forms of meditation, Sahaja is always offered completely free of charge.