Sahaja meditation is an evolutionary process and you continuously evolve to higher stages of maturity and strength of your inner self and subtle energy centers. The first best way to benefit is to allocate time to practice your meditation at home daily.

If you’re using our ongoing meditation sessions only to meditate without your independent daily practice of meditation, that’s okay for a while, especially during the initial stages. But typically, the greatest benefits of Sahaja can only be maximized through daily meditation at home.

We highly recommend that you watch our instructional videos and use those to guide your daily meditation, as well as foot soaking on a daily basis.

Next, the aspect of gaining knowledge versus growing in your experience is one of the most important considerations in the practice of Sahaja. Conventional wisdom would say that the more knowledgeable you are, and the faster you accumulate that knowledge, the more benefit you would get. With Sahaja, it works very differently.

Your experience of vibrations and vibratory awareness, along with achieving the state of thoughtless awareness, are much more important than absorbing knowledge through all the information presented on this website. In fact, we’ll go one step further and state that even if you do not read a single page on our website, but are able to experience deep thoughtless awareness and strong vibrations, you’re significantly ahead in your practice of Sahaja and spiritual progress.

For centuries, human beings have made the assumption that more knowledge and information equates to better states of existence. Well, not always. At the subtler level of existence, knowledge absorbed mentally is given second preference. Becoming a spiritual personality and exhibiting related characteristics and personality are much more important than amassing spiritual knowledge. Sure, if you’re able to do both, that’s ideal. However, our present human civilization is still taking baby steps in its subtle awareness, so unless you’re one of those truly exceptional souls, you’re better off focusing on the experience more than the knowledge. This is especially important in the Western world where analytical, logical and comprehension skills are given maximum importance.

You may not become a guru in Sahaja by knowing a lot of spiritual concepts, but you most certainly qualify for becoming one if your vibrations are near perfect. So spend most of your time on your meditation, rather than on reading information on the website. You might think that’s strange advice coming from the folks who have developed tons of material on this website up for reading and learning, but hey, we’ve developed that information so more and different types of people can be drawn to our website in the first place!

Thirdly, your inner urge to continuously progress to higher levels of maturity will help you maximize benefits from Sahaja. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with attending the ongoing meditation sessions a couple of times a week to de-stress yourself, you’re probably missing out on many deeper experiences that Sahaja has to offer. That in no way takes away the importance of those de-stressing opportunities. We all can use that in today’s world.

But the point is, there’s much more to gain than de-stressing, and you’re better off giving some time and priority to these deeper aspects of your life if you want to really take advantage of everything that Sahaja has to offer. Yet, the wonderful paradox in Sahaja is that, by doing this, you will be exploring your own inner depths further and getting a unique type of enjoyment you’ve never experienced before in your life.