No. And there’s no need for “certification.” The practice of Sahaja and growth of an individual using Sahaja meditation is a living, dynamic and evolutionary process. It operates on an inner energy that grows naturally like a tree. Such a living process that also works at the subtlest levels does not lend itself to establishing standards, “minimum requirements,” or qualifications of any sort. Hence, certification of Sahaja instructors is not only impossible, but also meaningless. It would be like giving a baby a certificate at every developmental stage, walking, talking, etc..

That said, all our instructors have been Sahaja practitioners for many years and have verified many different experiences through their own experiments (and the experiences of those they’ve worked with) all along the way. Most of them have also had an opportunity to be directly associated with our Founder Shri Mataji and practice Sahaja under her guidance. Shri Mataji was acknowledged as an expert spiritual guru across the world, especially in the realm of Kundalini yoga and meditation.