For Sahaja meditators, this is an absolute truth to know. Mother’s day isn’t just one day in a year. Every Day is Mother’s Day.


Sahaja meditation works by elevating our consciousness to a new, higher state – a realm we can only reach by the power of mother-like feminine energy inside us – the Kundalini energy.


Each of our Kundalini energy is part of the Primordial Mother of the universe. She’s eternal and so is our Inner Self or spirit. She’s been with us forever and will be with us. She knows us the best that anyone ever can.


She is the one who gives us our Self-Realization, our second and more meaningful birth in our lives – that of being reborn as the pure Spirit or our inner self. What this means is that while we are born from our biological mother, we only realize our physical, cognitive, emotional selves until we get our Self-Realization.


And when this happens, we realize our spiritual self, a significant jump in our awareness, maturity, and evolution as a human being. We can then start to feel our inner self or spirit on our Central nervous system. We actualize spirituality. No more talking or merely knowing spirituality. Human beings are born with the purpose of achieving this at some point or other in their lifetimes and the desire of our individual spiritual mother, the Kundalini, helps us realize this purpose in order to become new and reinvented personalities. And regardless of what we think, that’s what our innermost being has always wanted – to be one with the cosmic energy of the universe.


This spiritual mother and energy is very powerful, yet very compassionate. She cares for us every minute of our lives. She’s gently guiding us in the right direction. She is patient with us for all the mistakes we make. Sometimes she may punish us to bring us back in the right direction. She helps us realize our fullest potential in our lives.


She makes us respect our biological parents and all family members. She helps nurture all of our relationships. She builds our personality all through our lives, satisfying all our needs. She’s the one who teaches us the subtler, innate qualities and helps us develop them within.


When we seek our Spirit and get our Self-Realization, we’re entrusting our self-improvement journey in our lives to our Kundalini energy. From that point, she gives us complete protection, joy, and security in our lives.


Each day we meditate, we use help from our Kundalini energy to rise to the higher state of thoughtless awareness. Most important, as she rises and passes through our energy centers, she cleanses us each time, every day. She’s fighting against all the negative forces attacking us.


What We Can Do in Return


On our part, all we need to do is understand, accept and surrender to this energy inside us. Allowing her to work things out is the best way to attain our goals in life, especially those that are spiritual. Lots of times, we try too hard and our ego gets in the way. Instead, if we submit to her and ask for help by trying to let our attention rise to the higher state, things work out a lot better.


She’ll tell us when we’re going off from our moral compass and we need to respect our boundaries and get within them immediately. Not just through self-control but by stopping our thinking and allowing her power to take over.


When we go through problems in life, all we need to do is to rise above them by remembering why we’re on this earth – to achieve self-improvement for ourselves, our families and friends, our communities and the world. We ask our mother to help rise above all mundane things.


Most important of all, we need to remember that each day of our lives is a day for recognizing and appreciating the power of the Mother. All forms of the power of the Mother, be it our biological mother and the mothers of every child on this earth, all stem from the power of the primordial mother.


So we don’t meditate, we merely fall into meditation by surrendering and bowing to the mother inside us.