We live in a world where we’re constrained by all sorts of identities and associations that limit our potential and freedom. While our job titles, political dispositions, club, and group affiliations may provide a way of organizing our lives and establishing order in it, these end up defining who we are, shaping our views and how we lead our lives. Instead, shouldn’t we have that control of molding ourselves and our lifestyle the way we want?


And then a time comes when we are subject to polarized alignments and statuses of our existence because of our choices and for our convenience. Someone is an Online shopper, a “power user” or something. Another is a Republican but centrist and not liberal. Yet another is a “yogi” and even a “meditator”. The problem is that we collect all these labels all the time based on what we do, what we believe in or even what others think we do. Yet, none of these can really define the outcomes we want to achieve in our lives.


What we’ve all been missing is that the only way to enjoy life to the fullest extent is to de-identify and dissociate ourselves from all these bindings by finding a superior form of existence. Knowing, feeling and living by the guidance of our innermost being helps realize the full potential and meaning of our lives.


We still retain our other affiliations or associations, but we control them to the extent they contribute to the outcomes we want in life.


Getting Rid of The Shackles


First and foremost, all of our associations and affiliations are at the mental level. These exist for others (and many times, even for us) to understand who we are, what we do and how we think. Or eventually for us to feel secure. Soon all our thoughts and memories are attached and shaped by our worldly identities. And to find happiness and comfort, prove ourselves or live up to the acceptable norms, we struggle to make things better within our associated roles and identities. Or in fact, seek newer associations and identities which end up making our problems worse. We try switching clubs, services and sources of recreation instead of analyzing why these aren’t giving us what we really need – inner satisfaction and joy.


The ultimate and only solution is to find that deep inner being within us. Once that happens through Sahaja’s Self-Realization process, the experience and change in life are so profound that whatever happiness, comfort, and satisfaction we draw from all our otherworldly identities seem rather dry and low grade. Indeed, once we taste the nectar of the divine, the syrupy man-made juice seems tasteless.


But How Exactly?


We elevate our consciousness to a higher spiritual realm that is filled with the vital energy of this universe. One that is infinitely intelligent, creates and moves everything. It cannot override human freedom and will but has a powerful influence on them, forever working for their benevolence and improvement. It wants to aid us in this game the creator of the universe created – where we, as human beings, get better and better, striving to become a mirror image of him ultimately.


In elevating our consciousness, we rise above the physical, mental and emotional planes – in the spiritual realm, thoughts do not and cannot exist, nor can emotions. And this realm is, of course, subtle, not in one of the physical dimensions of space or even time. But it unmistakably exists and can be felt by us clearly.


The good news – being in this higher state is how we define the true state of meditation. Everything we do and share by way of techniques is meant for each of us to go this higher state each day and make our innermost being resonate in joy, satisfaction in peace by being there as long as we can.


During such times and for a substantial part of the day after that, we feel light and detached as though the burden of our worldly existence, our identities, and associated pressures have all been lifted and made to go away.


And that’s not just all of it…


The Spirit is Dynamic


An immediate difference we begin to notice is that we’re able to switch between wearing different hats in our lives. We aren’t stuck to one way of thinking. Instead, with our Spirit guiding us, we begin to do what is right for the situation and the moment, irrespective of our views and associations restricting us to narrower solutions.


Our views, by themselves, become fluid, flexible and dynamic. We exhibit the maturity to adjust them based on what is right and good for us and the world.  We do not get attached to anything or anyone.


The Spirit is Guided by Intuition


From a state of generating ideas that originate from our education and learning in our lives, we move to a better state of uninhibited intuitive creativity. Solutions seem to come to us, seemingly from somewhere deep within. And such answers are surprisingly or even shockingly precise and effective. Best of all, we get a constant warning of when things may go wrong or when we aren’t treading on the right path.


The Spirit Feels Secure


Fear, insecurity, and lack of confidence gradually subside – our dynamic attention is now focusing on leading a life guided by a superior force. The patience, satisfaction and inner calm rarely make us fearful or anxious. Worries we have do tend to linger, but over time, we realize that we do not need to worry anymore.


The Spirit is Egoless and Forgiving


In this new spiritual identity, we do not get caught up in debates or take sides. Instead of solving the issue based on a reasonable moral compass, without judgment of others, compassion and sensitivity are what we begin to focus on. We are able to quickly forgive and move past people who do not agree with us – we realize that divisions come, after all, from a lower level of awareness in relation to what we have now achieved – the higher realm of spiritual consciousness.


The Spirit is in Harmony with Nature


Most important of all, we begin to gel well with Nature and natural things. That’s because our Spirit is now fully integrated with the power of Nature or Nature itself. Anything that is not natural doesn’t attract us a lot. We see Nature as the ultimate source of energy that everyone and everything in this world taps into, everything is built upon it and a derivative of it.


The Spirit is Not Materialistic


Acquiring this new identity helps release ourselves from this constant craving and obsession around material things giving us happiness in life all the time. The Spirit is not dominated by matter and materialism. We can live anywhere and with anything and still be happy.


Our Spiritual Identity is a Lifelong Achievement


The critical thing to understand is that the spiritual foundation of our lives and giving it a meaning starts after the Self-Realization process. The journey has only just begun. We need to be, think and act like the Spirit at every step of our lives. The Spiritual identity is the only one that governs our lives while we still retain and control our other affiliations to whatever extent we need.

Our spiritual identity changes the perspective of our lives entirely and enriches it, helping us realize and recognize those fundamental emotions and qualities that constitute a human life.