The guided meditation that we offer here at Sahaja Online provides many benefits, and different people experience the effects in different ways. Far too often, people want to quantify things, but this is not always possible.

There are some human experiences that cannot be adequately conveyed in words. You may have an innate intuition that is telling you there is some type of underlying force or energy that has everything to do with the way that events unfold around you. Many people have become interested in so called “new age” theories and philosophies over recent years. There have been many books and movies released that have given people a lot of food for thought.

Though these interesting ideas are relatively new to many of us that live in the United States, similar truths have always been a part of certain eastern spiritual traditions. Interestingly enough, the benefits that you receive from guided meditation are not necessarily gained by adding anything to your consciousness. There are those who would suggest that we all have access to the collective unconscious, and the solutions are there for the taking if you can access them. Mental, spiritual, and emotional blockages stand between individuals and their self-improvement goals.

Our guided meditation sessions can help you dissolve or release these blockages to clear the way for more fruitful manifestations. These blockages can ultimately be traced back to your subtle inner energy system, which is at the root of your physical, mental and emotional faculties. The fact that Sahaja Online involves group meditation is a very important facet, because the sum of the whole is greater than its parts. You tap into the collective unconscious when you are sitting in meditation with hundreds of others, and this has a cleansing, nourishing effect on the energy centers. Ultimately, you go forward with a profound sense of serenity, and you may find that the events of your life start to fall into place in a very satisfying manner.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit our Collective Guided Meditation page, and there is also a very informative video that will you can further benefit from.