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Does your life feel like it’s on a treadmill?

A treadmill is a great workout machine. It is designed to keep you walking once you turn it on. And you can do nothing but walk or run on it; if you stop while it’s running, you will fall. Suppose someone sets the treadmill at a pace that you aren’t comfortable and you can’t turn it off either. How would it feel? You must keep walking and running at an uncomfortable pace with no control and no ability to get off.

We go through phases when it can feel like our entire life is on a treadmill. And here’s how that can feel:

You’re busy day in and day out, with very little time left for activities you would like to do.

You can’t control or choose your time.

You are into activities that do not feel productive, meaningful, or enjoyable.

You cannot stop the monotony; you are too scared to change your life.

Your commitments are crushing you.

You wonder how long this will continue and don’t see a way out.

You can feel the stress and some anxiety and don’t see a way out.

Meditation can help, and we are here to help you change your life positively.

by Shankar Ramani

A summer for unlocking your spiritual potential

Meditation is a long-term effort. Spiritual meditation is a lifetime achievement where we discover our true inner selves and guide our lives to stay true to what it desires.

Consistency and patience are the keys to success. Along with that, an insatiable thirst for discovering our deepest layers.

Just as each of us is involved in introspection about our spiritual growth, the Sahaja Online team decided to introspect on the types of programs that might help our attendees get the maximum benefit in getting varied experiences routinely from their meditation practice.

We realized that we all need more profound meditations and longer sessions to get into the depths of exploring and applying spiritual concepts. At the same time, we undertsand that weekdays can be busy, and a quick and strong dose of meditation can really help.

In keeping with this, we have lined up several new formats and topics starting in May.

by Sahaja Online

The best opportunity to explore your spirituality

As the new year ushers in another year of hope and exciting possibilities, an often ignored part of our lives is our spiritual goals for the year. There are many reasons for this. The most common among them is that there are too many facets in our lives, all needing some sort of focus and planning as each new year begins. At other times, we feel excited about doing something new and changing our lives. So we make changes to our lives voluntarily.

It’s hard to revisit our spiritual state with complete honesty and prioritize an improvement this year. That’s because the self-assessment of our subtler spiritual state can be challenging. Spirituality is an ocean and the deepest of them all. Since we cannot know its depths, we cannot also know our position relative to the most profound state possible.

That’s where Sahaja comes in. Through many of our tools, approaches and guidance, we can help make a big difference in your spiritual journey this year.

by Shankar Ramani

How meditation influences your brain and nervous system

Most people who seek out Sahaja are in it for deep spiritual benefits. But once in a while, it’s great to know that a powerful form of meditation like Sahaja has several benefits proven by science and to understand the intricacies of how meditation works within us.

One such intriguing area is the impact meditation has on our neurochemicals.

by Sahaja Online

How to feed your soul

Have you ever noticed how we spend so much attention on feeding our bodies and our tastes? Rarely do we miss a meal. But it’s well beyond that. We pay a lot of attention to enjoying our food and getting the best dining experiences. Sometimes, food is the ultimate epitome of a celebration in our lives.

And there’s nothing wrong with it; great experiences and comfort, to a degree, are part of a wholesome and fulfilling life, no matter which aspect of our lives they are related to. But our attention is not proportionately spent in enriching our lives equally in all of its facets. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs says that our attention is centered around what our body needs most of all and safety, i.e., the base of Maslow’s pyramid. After those needs are satisfied, it moves higher to fulfill our emotional and esteem-related needs. Finally, our spiritual needs or higher purpose sit at the peak of the pyramid. It’s not hard to see that the higher tiers of the pyramid require greater effort and energy, in part because they come much later in the hierarchy and are harder to get to. The other reason is that searching and seeking out the best and quickest ways to satisfy our spiritual needs are not easy to find.

The good news is that you’re in good hands now. In Sahaja, there’s a lot of experience and methods in giving equal, if not greater, emphasis on feeding our soul with rich experiences. In our busy lives and amidst all the challenges, nourishing our spiritual being requires careful planning and insights into how experienced meditators do it.

Drawing comparisons between how we feed our body and our soul can help us understand this in greater detail.

by Sahaja Online