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Can Sahaja meditation Influence Personality?

No one is perfect. Every human being has strengths, weaknesses, and facets of our personalities that we would like to improve. And yet we wonder, are there things about ourselves that will never change? While many personality traits may seem unmoving, often with perseverance, perspectives, behaviors, and responses can shift.

by admin

Changing habits – winning the fight

Everyone on a self-improvement journey knows how difficult it is to form new habits or eliminate bad ones.

The obvious traits that we use are willpower and discipline. Some YouTube self-improvement gurus may also give us cognitive strategies backed by science. However, these take time to implement and sustain continuously. If you can exercise them to change your habits, then let them be a plus or nice to have. We need other powerful ways that are intrinsic to us and that we can tap into.

by Shankar Ramani

The best way to overcome tiredness

Relax, take it easy, get some rest, they’ll say. As meditation practitioners, we can certainly do something much better and specific than that.

We feel tired because our attention within us is tired, and we cannot cope and take it anymore. Ever notice how you feel tired or lacking motivation even when you haven’t exerted yourself physically or mentally?

When we keep our attention fresh, recharged, and raring to go, we can cope with nearly any level of physical or mental exertion.

The secret to having lots of energy is to work on our attention, cleanse it, and recharge it frequently.

Let’s examine how meditation can help with this.

by Shankar Ramani

Does your life feel like it’s on a treadmill?

A treadmill is a great workout machine. It is designed to keep you walking once you turn it on. And you can do nothing but walk or run on it; if you stop while it’s running, you will fall. Suppose someone sets the treadmill at a pace that you aren’t comfortable and you can’t turn it off either. How would it feel? You must keep walking and running at an uncomfortable pace with no control and no ability to get off.

We go through phases when it can feel like our entire life is on a treadmill. And here’s how that can feel:

You’re busy day in and day out, with very little time left for activities you would like to do.

You can’t control or choose your time.

You are into activities that do not feel productive, meaningful, or enjoyable.

You cannot stop the monotony; you are too scared to change your life.

Your commitments are crushing you.

You wonder how long this will continue and don’t see a way out.

You can feel the stress and some anxiety and don’t see a way out.

Meditation can help, and we are here to help you change your life positively.

by Shankar Ramani

Why meditation and spirituality are difficult

The most catchy advertisements for meditation try to make it look simple so you can learn it in a few minutes and achieve Nirvana shortly after. And likely solve all the problems in your life within the next hour after that. And those who are out to make money by selling spirituality and meditation say they’re both very easily achievable. Yet you must pay them for many sessions and classes for a very long time to get the benefits. They also say that meditation can only be achieved with one of their teachers. The irony is more than evident.

Here at Sahaja Online, we like to be straight with you. Meditation is challenging to master. Spirituality is even more complex, and it takes a lifetime to immerse yourself in it. 

Let’s explore why and see what it takes to get the most out of meditation and spirituality.

by Shankar Ramani