You’ll be surprised to know how precise Meditation and Spirituality can be in the way they work and the outcomes they produce. It’s very common to come across a lot of vague, feel good and ambiguous offerings and techniques in this area. Those who want to make money out of meditation exploit this very aspect very well.


Who after all knows a lot of detailed, specific things about meditation or the spiritual instrument within us? Just promise a bunch of things that people want to hear or wow them with some mystical, magical stuff and people will buy it just to try out something new and fancy.


Worse, many of them simply use auto-suggestion, a form of self-induced suggestion that may make you believe that you’re in a meditative or spiritual or relaxed state. When in reality, nothing actually happens.


Well, not Sahaja, for sure. We’re here to prove, demonstrate and share very specific constructs and knowledge of how meditation works and the spiritual basis behind it. We like defining everything very precisely and clearly and backing that up with science as well as practitioner experiences that serve as anecdotal information.


And arguably, meditation is a skill by itself and not very easy to master. Since we’re not here to sell you anything, we’d like to tell you that it takes patience, perseverance, and hard work to acquire this skill in order to realize the benefits. Yes, you heard it, you cannot become skillful or an expert unless you really work hard after learning a lot from expert instructors.


Here’s our favorite list of precise aspects in our meditation practice that we’re in fact, proud of. And tips on how you can become a skilled meditation teacher.


Understand Exactly How The Relaxation Occurs


Meditation is not just feeling relaxed or calm. Or imagining it. Or relaxation just because we sit down and do nothing but close our eyes. Anyone can relax by doing that.


In our meditation, relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system is triggered by the elevation of our consciousness to a higher state. We reach this state by virtue of the Kundalini energy rising through the parasympathetic and helping our Spirit achieve a connection with the all-pervading power of the universe. Our attention in the normal state is stretched like a tent pole stretching the canvas upward as it is erected and that’s exactly how the attention is able to touch the higher state.


Then as the connection is achieved after the Kundalini energy passes through our brain, the vital energy of the all-pervading power flows back downward through the same path and down the left and right energy channels that correspond to the sympathetic nervous system. This provides relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system, replenishing the energy we spend in our physical, mental and emotional functioning.


Tip: Each time you sit down for meditation, try to observe and feel the exact movement of the energy through your body. Also, try to accurately identify when and how long your thoughtless awareness state lasts. You will need to detect when your attention is dropping down intermittently and thoughts are entering. At that point, tell yourself to allow the thoughts to pass and allow the Kundalini energy to lift you back to the higher state of Thoughtless Awareness.


Experience Your Subtle Energy System at Varying Degrees of Intensity and Different Types of Sensations


Experiencing the Spirit or inner self or the Kundalini energy isn’t just a psychological feeling. It’s a precise experience – it feels like a pulsation or vibrating sensation on our fingertips. At other times it feels like a cool sensation. Yet, this is not the case every time. There are varying degrees and types of experience. We may also feel a kind of heat and a slightly uncomfortable sensation like pinpricks on our fingers. This means that there are problems in our energy centers – obstacles to the flow of energy. So, the fact that everything isn’t just a happy, positive feeling but involves different sensations for positive and negative states of our subtle energy system is evidence of the precision in our subtle energy instrument.


Tip: Most Sahaja meditation teachers begin to feel the vibrations and related sensations on their hands within a few weeks of regular meditation, especially collective meditation. Your first goal should be to get to that point where you have adequate sensitivity to feel your own subtle instrument inside you and thereby confirm that what you’re dealing with is very real and precise. If you’re merely meditating not knowing or feeling these vibrations, you need to seek help because that is unusual for a Sahaja practitioner several weeks into the practice, especially if you are regular. The awareness and sensitivity to vibrations bring a whole new dimension to your life, it opens up a system of intricate awareness and feedback on what’s going on inside, with and around you. It can also be a significant jump from a tentative state of existence to one where you really discover the depths of the subtle energy system.


Be Adept in the Knowledge and Experience of Your Chakras


Most other forms of spiritual practice or meditation talk about chakras in generic terms. They talk about realizing them, feeling them, feeling the energy like it’s some voodoo stuff – mystical, imprecise and something we need to imagine to be able to perceive.


Not so in Sahaja. We know the make up of each chakra, how many petals or sub-divisions each one has, where each one is located and most importantly, a very detailed mapping of the chakras to qualities. After all, that’s the ultimate benefit of pursuing spirituality. You should know why you’re pursuing and getting involved in all this stuff and how it all works.


We can tell you exactly how. You do meditation and improve your chakras using the mechanism described above of how the energy flows. When you improve your chakras, you develop specific traits. When specific chakras have a problem, those specific traits are also lacking or we exhibit behaviors contrary to the positive traits. And all of this is entirely verifiable by your own individual experience as practitioners have confirmed over many decades. For instance –

– You’ll feel and detect a problem with your 3rd chakra if you have a digestive disorder.

– If you have sexual perversions, you’ll feel it in your first chakra. It feels heavy like something is caught up. Sometimes it’s a twitching or even a slightly painful sensation.

– Many disorders and health problems can be correlated and attributed to specific chakras or channels.


Tip: Knowing the strengths and weaknesses with your own chakras is an essential part of your meditation practice. If you’re just groping around with an approximation of the state of your chakras or still worse, not able to feel anything, then you’ll need to take the help of experts to guide you. We have noticed in many cases that if the 6th energy center is caught up, a lot of people cannot feel the vibrations or their own chakras. More important, you’ll need to get to the state where there is instantaneous feedback when you do anything wrong to impact a particular chakra. This feedback is very accurate and serves as a live and real-time guide in our lives, keeping us on track on the right path.


Be Clear About The Benefits That Matter to You and How Exactly They Manifest


If you’ve browsed our website, you probably have already realized how massive and specific the benefits of meditation are and backed by solid scientific proof. There’s no junk science involved nor any runaround being given on the benefits, thanks to our very motivated and skilled researcher Debbie. In fact, no other meditation site gives you as much information and all for free.


Tip: While Sahaja meditation has a broad spectrum of benefits, you’ll need to be clear why you chose it in the 1st place. Was it for feeling calm and relaxed? Was it something deeper? Was it for a health problem? Depending on your purpose, you’ll need to accurately gauge whether you’re experiencing that particular benefit and not in general or vague terms. If you aren’t sure, let us help you. The point is that Sahaja can make a difference in the area of benefit you’re looking for, you’ll need to learn how to leverage its potential.


Be Specific and Accurate with the Knowledge You Acquire


To be honest, this is a problem with many existing practitioners today. Some of it is even funny. Like when we heard one presenter say “This subtle energy chart is located inside our body”.  Or when someone says “This is how you may silence the mind”. No, we don’t. We go beyond the mind and thoughts in Sahaja, to a higher state.


The knowledge of the Kundalini and chakras is also very detailed and precise, as are the states of spirituality. You should not have to deal with fuzzy concepts that merely convey that everything is positive, great and good for you in life. The fact of the matter is that unless your knowledge and understanding is precise, you cannot know what’s good or bad for you.  The average meditation or yoga studio offering those relaxation or some vague spiritual experience probably has no clue about how things work. You need a proven and tested system of several decades and to talk to a practitioner and expert who has lived through it and knows the system in and out.


Sahaja Online instructions have an average experience of well over 20 years of practice, have deep knowledge of the chakras and a high degree of vibrational sensitivity. And yes, we have gone through the grind, the ups and downs. None of us perfect either.


Tip: If you’re the type to read a lot, make sure you’re understanding the details and asking questions till you really get it. And keep in mind that you cannot pay your way to your spiritual growth and progress. Also, to be borne in mind, reading can only take you up to a point, the actualization and experience of the meditation is the only way to make real progress.


You’re the Master, You’re in Charge


Finally, in Sahaja, we make you say this affirmation on Day 1 – “I am my own master”. You’re not going to benefit a lot if you can’t figure out how to make it work for yourself. You are in full control. All the knowledge and expertise is shared with you and we’re there to help you with that. But you’ll have to become your own Guru and guide, strong and independent, eventually capable of guiding others.


Sorry, but there are no shortcuts, no expensive or premium courses that can get you there sooner.