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Being Positive Amidst The Negative

“Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.”  ~ Goethe


Goethe may not have faced situations of murderous conflict but he certainly was on to something there. So much of what we learn is blooded in the heat of ‘battle’.   I don’t have to go to Afghanistan to fight murderous terrorists; in fact, I have never been to any battleground of lethal consequences. My battle in a business context is in meetings, negotiations, documents, virtual workshops, and debates- a sharp word takes the place of the lancet, a poor rating the equivalent of a bullet. I doff my imaginary hat to the brave men and women who serve this country in hostile situations. While my workplace can frequently seem stressful, I can only imagine what stress can seem like, in the face of enemy fire.

by Shamik Ghosh

Finding Stillness in the Storm

Fall colors – probably few better places to admire the verdant Autumn transition than Syracuse in Upstate New York. However, when I headed for Syracuse University in the Fall of 2001, I wasn’t going there for the picturesque road trip. I was headed to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications for a graduate degree in Advertising. I was one of the thousands ‘immigrating’ to the United States from India, with hopes and aspirations of living the fabled ‘American’ campus life.

by Shamik Ghosh

Meditation can be A Source of Strength When Grieving

He was a big giant of a man…” said the lead protagonist of one of my favorite binge-worthy shows: ‘Newsroom.’ Will McAvoy of Newsroom was concerned about being reductive – his good friend, the producer of the show had passed away and the whole team was looking to Will for some words in memoriam. Strumming the guitar to the tune of ‘went to Memphis…” Will finally finds the words that could somewhat do justice to what was in his heart. The pain, the gratitude and the power of moving memories all gushed forth in a few pithy sentences that served as a soaring memorial to a great character.


It was one of those moments that many of us feel moved by – I certainly was.

by Shamik Ghosh